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Young Doc Frank began to flourish in a deep legacy of talented artist & musicians. Doc Frank’s 1st production experience came with the development of his hit song “Put da Gun Down”. This production revealed a maturing Doc Frank and showcased his instincts to produce quality music as well as quality lyrics. He began to coordinate group efforts like the House Ov Cyphfr as well as mixtapes with multiple artists’ collaborations and video production. Doc Frank evolved and transformed from artist to producer and with his determination and talents we all have witnessed the genesis evolution of a genius, known as Doc Frank.

Never giving up and always having faith, he continued to evolve and Doc Frank found his genius in his monstrosity called Monstarz Ink., Doc Frank’s independent record label. Doc Frank’s love and driven nature for the music has placed him among the elite. Doc Frank’s love for the art and the culture has inspired his genius to create and inspire a new genre of music called Reggae Pop spearheaded by his #1 artist and lovely wife Queen Diva KK Holliday.

At present the artist and the producer and the CEO known as Doc Frank from the genesis stages thru his evolution into his genius has continued the rich legacy of Ohio hit making music as well as trail blazing his own legacy of timeless creative art and music.

Talk to me Doc Frank!

THE HEAT: “We Bout To Get Paid… We Bout to Get Paid”..that hook with that reggae twist makes me wanna get up and Jamaican Jerk baby!
DOC FRANK: (we laugh hard together) That’s the plan.
THE HEAT: Who’s that bad girl in the video with you?
DOC FRANK:That’s my artist KK Holliday.
THE HEAT: You got a household face in that video, why don’t you tell’em who it is.
DOC FRANK:That’s my man Glen Plummer, a.k.a. OG Bobby Johnson. He played in “Menace II Society”, “Saw II”, “SouthCentral” and some more great movies. If you notice he gave me a really great performance! Like the true professional he is!
THE HEAT: He did a super job! That shit looked like a movie when I opened it…I was like, “Look at that damn Doc Frank. He’s ba-ack!”…(we laugh)
DOC FRANK: The one that’s “Bout To Get Paid”…(he chuckles with me)
THE HEAT: What’s going down in that video?
DOC FRANK: We just letting it be known we ready to get paid. We’ve worked hard, got a lot of material out there. We dropping mixtapes and singles and videos…”we ready to get paid”!

*****************************”Police say freeze! We ain’t laying on the floe!*********************************

THE HEAT: So tell us where you pay homage to?
DOC FRANK: I’m from Ohio. Born and raised in Ohio but I’ve traveled everywhere. A product of Dayton, Ohio, Funktown.
THE HEAT: So where’re you laying your head at these days?
DOC FRANK: In the ATL where everybody else in the music industry is now. That’s where it’s going down, in the A.
THE HEAT: I feel you on that. It’s definitely going down here in Hotlanta!
THE HEAT: So tell us Doc Frank, when did you first fall in love with rap?
DOC FRANK: I’ve been involved in music my whole life. My family members were all into that funk. Roger Troutman in the living-room and Sugarfoot downstairs, that’s just “my” life I came up in. I say around the seventh grade is when I really got the fever. I tell you Nik, my first record I fell in love with, I’m about to tell my age, but the first record that I ever bought was Ice T “Power” album. My big brother turned me on to it. And I was amazed at all the cursing he was doing on wax. I couldn’t believe that man. I was in love!
THE HEAT: What’s the single you’re pushing off your mixtape release, “Who is Doc Frank”?
DOC FRANK: “Get Paid”, feat..KK Holliday. Available on itunes the week of October 10th.
THE HEAT: Do the dang gone thang then Doc Frank. What is it you feel you’re bringing to the rap game that hasn’t already been done?
DOC FRANK: Well you know Nik, there’s a lot of producers who rap and rappers who produce but I think I’m the first true hybrid of the label with my marketing mind of the MC. I have an ear and I’m from the streets for real. So I actually create music, I’m not just rapping. That’s why I’m able to work with so many other artist, writing and producing music. You would never know that’s me because I’m a true musical mind, you know what I mean…I think I just spread out evenly. That’s what I’m bringing that’s never been done before.
THE HEAT: Any other singles on the CD we should really be looking out for?
DOC FRANK: Yes in deed, Monstarz Ink also has a record produced by Dr. Dre and Sir Jinx, which is entitled “They Know”, feat. Bones, with Biggie Smalls on the hook, it’s crazy. I have a couple of singles I’m dropping for my new album, the lead single is “Everyday” which will be in radio rotation the second week of October. I will also be releasing a single for the streets called “That Loud”. This one is for anybody that may be into “That Loud”! (he giggles) This will be the anthem for them. I know it sounds like a lot of stuff that we’re doing but I’m trying to give the world a true sense of who I am so it’s gonna take a few records for me to get that done.
THE HEAT: What’s next for Doc Frank?
DOC FRANK: I’m gonna start releasing singles on my artist, KK Holliday, another Monstarz Ink creation. But right now I’m beating the streets, getting the world acclimated to the new regime. And that’s what we’re on right now. We’re really trying to make a new world sound where people everywhere can identify and get down on what we’re doing.
THE HEAT: Anybody you wanna shout out to?
DOC FRANK: Shouts out to Gardner Craig of Red Dahlia PR, who is my publicist, The House Ov Cyphfr Entertainment and the whole Monstarz Ink fam. I also would like to say what’s up to my home boy Rhythm D, Bob, Rob Ray out in LA, and Bonecrusher who I am currently out on tour with. Me and Bonecrusher been busy for the last few months back and forth on the road. We going in with the movement! To Doc Frank fans! You already know if an artist doesn’t have fans he ain’t got, how you put it, shiznit…( giggles again). Shouts out to Nik-O-Licious and The Heat for showing me and Monstarz Ink some love. We appreciate that.
THE HEAT: We wish you great success Doc Frank. You are truly headed in the right direction. Just stay focused!
DOC FRANK: We going up the ladder together!
THE HEAT: See you at the top Doc! The Tippity, Tippity TOP! ( LOL)

From The Genesis to The Evolution and finally, but surely not the end, The Genius! “DOC FRANK”

So “Heat” fans…this is sure one to have in the rotation, I can’t get enough of it. “Get Paid”; Monstarz Ink and House Ov Cyphfr Entertainment, you got a winner in DOC FRANK!

To follow DOC FRANK and the MONSTARZ INK movement visit:

Y’all listening yet? When I tell you it’s getting HOT in here, you better hear me!
Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The Heat”

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