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Young Mom Kills 3-Month-Old Son, Then Takes Him Shopping with Her

A mother has been accused of killing her three-month-old son before taking his dead body shopping with her.

Toyrianna Smith is alleged to have suffocated her newborn son to stop him from crying after his screams disturbed her sleep.

Hours later she dressed the boy and took him out in a carrier while she went shopping near her home in Harvey, Illinois.

Ms Smith, 20, later dropped in to see a friend who noticed that the baby wasn’t moving and noticed blood on the child’s blanket and called emergency services.

The child, identified as Ken Blackman Jr., was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Medical examiners said he had been dead at least eight hours when he was brought to the emergency room and ruled his death a homicide.

Police believe Smith dressed the baby and took him out as the boy’s father was due to return home and she was unable to explain his son’s death.

Prosecutors said Ms Smith took her newborn son and three year old daughter to spend the night with a close friend.

She and her friend spent the night drinking vodka and Ms Smith stayed in a guest room with her children.

According to a police affidavit Ms Smith said she was woken up by the screams of her newborn baby and admitted putting a blanket over his head and striking him up to four times in the face until he was quiet.

She allegedly admitted killing the child because he would not quit crying, even demonstrating for police on a doll how she struck and suffocated him.

State’s attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin, citing court records, said Ms Smith held the blanket over her son’s face until his arms and legs stopped jerking and he was quiet.

Ms Smith was being held on $1m bond after being charged with first-degree murder.

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    • She don’t deserve to have the taxpayer money wasted on her she need to be given the death penality. NO TRAIL SHE NEEDS TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP BABY BOY!!!!!! TEARSsssSssssss

      • So sad. I agree that she deserves to die!!!!!!! Don’t waste our money on her. She doesn’t need the time of day. That poor baby boy did nothing wrong. He didn’t ask to come in this terrible world. There are plenty of people out there who would love to have a baby and these crazy people are killing them. RIP little guy. God has you in his hands now!!!

    • this bitch is fuckin dum ass hell she is fuckin stupid i hope she fuckin get suffercated in fuckin prison people these dayyss.. 🙁

      :(Rest-In-Peace-Little-Mannn:( TEARSS:(

  2. Someone should do to her what she did to that poor little boy! I mean really if your ignorant ass cannot be a real woman and take care of your children then in my opinion you should keep your legs closed!!!! R.I.P. LIL MAN:)

  3. dumb stupid bitch ii hope yo dumb ass rot in hell…fukn psycho ass hoe ass bitch yu dnt deserve to even fukn live ii wish ii was close enuff to fuk yu up bitch

  4. My only son was stillborn at 39 wks., due to an unknown health condition in my body. What I would’ve given to hear mine scream and cry…

    • god bless you i can only imagine what that must have felt like there are people in this world that would make awesome parents and cant have kids it just not fair that people who should never have kidz are the ones that have them this is truly too sad for words….!

    • I feel your pain…my son was stillborn at 18 wks and not a day goes by that I dont think about my baby boy. I would have taken this lil angel in a heartbeat…smh….it’s just so sad.

  5. dont they have places now where u can drop off your baby at the hospital if u dont want it this is just sad u barely hear anything good these days mothers killing their children and children killing their families it just make me think how much time do we reall have left on this earth

  6. This chick need to be done the very same way she took this poor lil baby’s life. So freakn sad! All these people wanting children and this dumb azz kills one! Burn In Hell 4 This Unforgiven Sin!

  7. Excuse my language older adults but how in the hell can u harm a infant any child 4 dat matta stop layn dwn if u dnt wanna tak care of em I despise dead beat parents if u dnt wnt thm gve em up for adoption thr is 2 many women or shld I say familys dat cnt hve kids dat wld luv 2 have those angels god bless every child dat has been harmd or killd I dnt hve a heart dat wld allow me 2 do it I luv my zi bug mre thn nythng she da reason I kep goin lord gve these parents strength.

  8. I feel they should cut out her tounge n poke out her eyes n cut off her right leg and her left arm give her wounds time to heal and lock her up for life..#trustory

  9. Many babies and kids are killed by their own parents or some stupid boyfriend that the girl’s trust in her own home. It is sad that this time this stupid girl didn’t need the help of a boyfriend but she sure had liquor. Drugs also plays a real big part in this kind of killing. What is going to have to happen for young girls to open their eyes The poor kids depend on their parents , Remember this kids were not asked to be born, but God sent them to you so your could make sure that this kids have the best of life you could give them. The girl will get what is coming to her, we just leave this things to GOD The baby is in a better place better then with her anyway.

  10. Reading this story immediately brought tears to my eyes and made me want to hug and kiss my 2yr old son.what is wrong with people today?why is there so much evil in the world.where was the friend when the baby was crying?some women just dont have the “motherly instincts” to raise children and they know this before the baby is born so why do they keep the child if they know that they cant raise them but like the comments before mine said….that baby boy is in a better place now!

  11. I had my six-month old daughter in my arms and I cried reading this. The things I wish I could do to this girl are unspeakable. She will most likely get what she deserves in prison.(most have children) But that will not be enough!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!


  12. Every one on here is negative I feel she is dead wrong you never know if she has post partum depression who the fuck are you to judge anyone good or bad R.I.H.LIL BABY

  13. Sooo tragically sad on many levels as I simply do not understand why birth control is not being used and or considered anymore. Children do not ask to be brought here and should be treated accordingly and some women are just not mature or maternal enough to deal with the many facets of motherhood.

    This story sickens me and what is even scarier, she is and will not be the only one…..


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