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SUGA SHANE: Mizay Entertainment’s Newest Rising Star

Hustler: an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter.

The term “hustler” may conjure up a lot of different images in one’s mind. The Heat Magazine thinks this is the perfect word to describe the handsome, driven and confident, Suga Shane. Rippling with personality and talent, one conversation with Suga Shane is enough to convince you that he is most definitely a rising star.

Managed by Mizay Entertainment and repped by arguably the hardest working publicist in the industry, Kay Harris, Suga Shane is poised to become a fixture in hip hop.

Sitting at the helm of talent agency powerhouse Mizay Entertainment is Debra Atney, the mother of popular rapper Waka Flocka Flame. In addition to lighting a fire under her son’s career, Atney is responsible for igniting the careers of Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Nicki Minaj, and other entertainers.

Mizay Entertainment has definitely brought to the forefront a different type of music and with the addition of Suga Shane, Mizay continues in that fashion.

Kay Harris represents entertainers Lil Chuckee of Young Money ENT and Detail, as well as the up and coming Seven Johnson, and many other industry mover and shakers.

The Heat Magazine recently had the pleasure of speaking with Suga Shane and here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about your music.

SUGA SHANE: I’m just coming with a whole new sound – something that people may have tried before, but I’m going to be the one who is going to make the sound – hip hop mixed with rock – just something totally different, but still something that everybody can relate to and still ride to.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where are you from?

SUGA SHANE: I’m originally from Florida, but I currently live in Atlanta.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about your past performances.

SUGA SHANE: I go on the road with Waka and I open for him a lot. I’ve been doing a lot of my own shows. I’ve had a lot of shows in the Midwest and really, a lot of my shows are Down South. A lot of them have been in Central Florida, South Florida and really just all around the South. I’ve got shows coming up in Orlando, I got another show coming up in Tampa, and another show in Miami right after that. I do a lot of Florida and Atlanta shows and in the Southeast for right now.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Are you looking to get into any other form of entertainment?

SUGA SHANE: Yeah, I would love to do a clothing line, modeling, movies, TV, anything – I’m hoping for all that. Be on the lookout. I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up real soon and it’s going to come with a whole different sound than anyone’s ever heard before.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where can our readers find you on social networks?

SUGA SHANE:,, and They can also find me on Facebook by searching for “Suga Shane”. I have an artist profile on Mizay Entertainment’s site at www.mizayentertainment. My website is


So there you have it readers – make sure to check the handsome and talented Suga Shane out.

Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor-in-Chief
Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor-in-Chief
Vice-President & Asst. Editor-in-Chief of The Heat Magazine, Arlene is a Louisiana native, Certified Paralegal, Publicist, Owner of MIKODreamz PR, co-owner of 504Diffusion, writer, producer, and jack of all trades, who is heavily involved in her community as well as serving as Media Advisor for New Orleans Union for Entertainment (NOUE), Member of the NOLA Music Awards from 2012-present & Member of the Press Club of New Orleans. Her work is published across the web. Her PR work has been highly recognized & awarded. She was/is publicist for the late great BTY YoungN, 0017th and more. She is also working on her first novel & aspires to turn it into a film & is currently writing the authorized biography of the legendary Pimp C of UGK. She can be reached via email at Follow her on Twitter - @CategorySeven & Instagram - @hurricanearlene.



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