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Wow! Talking about a well kept secret to the world, Dark House 415 right out of Macon, GA is seeping through the crevices of the underlined underground movement and moving at the speed of light. These guys have it ALL! I know there are movements out there that are doing their thing, keeping everything in house, but Dark House 415 truly has every aspect of the industry locked down and they do it ALL from in house. Not only are they extremely talented but they’re educated and intelligent. The one thing that stands out the most about them is they’re ALL humble not only to the game, but to anyone they come in contact with. Normally meeting someone that’s a member of this type of movement, they have a small chip on they’re shoulder, thinking they know everything and you just need to get the hell out the way, but not these cats. If you have questions, they don’t mind answering them. When they need guidance, they don’t mind seeking it. Having had many opportunities to sign with labels seeking the talents each and everyone of them possess, Dark House 415 has made it their mission not to be 360 Deal-ed and put on NOBODY’s shelf. Their style has it’s very own unique status quo, one that can’t be broken and one they refuse to wavier for not a soul in the industry. We keep talking about, “create your own Hollywood”. Well, Dark House 415 has not only created the looks of what one could easily recognize as a Hollywood, but they’ve created their very own Maconwood! They write, they produce, they engineer, they shoot their own videos, they have hundreds of websites, they have their own graphic artist, they make their own t’s, they dub their own music, they book their own shows, they do their own publicity, they have their own blog radio station, they have their own apparel, and they even have their own fully equipped studio! They just have it ALL going on at Dark House 415. They even host a Monday Night underground exposure talent event for artist to come out and spit their best rhythm and rhymes. It’s like they truly have the midas touch cause everything they touch turns to gold!

Dark House 415 is a record label consisting of numerous artists & groups, based out of Macon, GA. The label is headlined by the group Dark House 415 (DJ ReUp tha Boss, AK Dre, D-Boi, Shagg Colie, & HardHead Jacob). The group has performed in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, & all over the state of Georgia. They have opened for artist as Ric Ross and T.I. Dark House 415 has worked with Cynamin Jones, DJ Smallz, The Raw Report, Dame Grease, DJ Tremayne, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, Rocharder DJs, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, DJ Toomp, Zaytoven, Drummer Boy, & many more. Members of Dark House 415 has been featured in numerous media publications and featured on a plethora of websites to include: DIGIWAXX.COM, GREENHITZ.COM, VLADTV.COM, SOULPITCHSTREETWIRE.COM, ILPTUBE.COM, MACON TELEGRAPH, 11TH HOUR MAGAZINE, & HOT BLOCK MAGAZINE and now THE HEAT MAGAZINE!


If you’ve ever wondered what does Indie Artists stand for, you’re looking at a clear and well defined definition when you’re looking at Dark House 415! Meet the Ballers behind the foundation that is about to take over the WORLD!


Reup Tha Boss – The Man whose exquisite talents created and started the movement of DARK HOUSE 415
CEO, In-House Producer at Dark House 415 Ent. Studied Music Production at Full Sail University. Lives in Macon, Georgia, From Macon, Georgia. Born on July 2.

Ak Dre Southsideslumboi
Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and Co-Founder of Dark House 415 Ent. Studies at Macon State College Lives in Macon, Georgia. Born on October 25,

Shagg Colie
Co-Founder of CampDark, I.P.M. of Darkhouse415,Chief Monsta of MonstaINK. Studied at Fort Valley State University. Lives in Macon, Georgia. From Miami, Florida. Born on February 3.

Jay Hardhead Jacob Howard
Most recent quote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”.-Winston Churchill
OG of Dark House 415. Studied at Emory University School of Medicine. Lives in Atlanta, Georgia. From Danville, Virginia. Born on January 12

Dboi Scott
Significant contributor to Dark House 415. Studied all his life at The School of Hardknocks and Get Up and Try It Again. Lives in Macon, Georgia. From Macon, Georgia. Born on April 11
“IM DA SHIT”- Dboi Scott

Your girl Nik-O-Licous is “HOT” in the streets all over the place! Trying to catch up with DJ REUP is like trying to pour Heinz out of a bottle fast…hard as hell, but she did. So check out what DJ REUP had to share with “The HEAT” and Dark House 415 fans…you really don’t want to miss this one.

THE HEAT: Karetes Gibson a.k.a. DJ Reup “Tha Boss”…welcome to “The Heat” magazine…What’s happening? Your favorite color is orange isn’t it…(we laugh hard)
DJREUP: Yes it is, you’re very observant. (We laugh cause it’s so true)
THE HEAT: Let’s talk about the industry and the empire you and Dark House 415 have built. We know you got inspired at the age of 12 seeing yourself take the torch from NO Limit Records and Cash Money Records but looking back over the years, I’d say you’ve exceeded those expectations, what would you say?
DJREUP: Anything is possible. It was a thought and it came into an actuality. I can touch it, I can feel it, I can see the progress that all the foot-work has paid off. I’m just grateful that I had the individuals around me that said; “this dude has a mind so let’s back what he’s talking about”. That’s how Dark House was born. We’re like a brotherhood, a family, an alumni, we’re not gonna stop til we get to our top. So yes, not only have I exceeded those expectations, I, we, have even greater expectations that we’ve set and we will conquer those as well.
THE HEAT: Tell us about the 360 Deal you managed to get out of. Who was it with and why didn’t you stay on board?
DJREUP: First of all shouts out to Treacherous, Krazy Swag Entertainment. Macon, Ga, is really overlooked when it comes down to the music industry and that’s funny cause a lot of heavy hitters in the music industry came out of Macon. Treacherous saw potential in us and gave us the opportunity. But he had other artist that were on the label that he was focusing mostly on. Those guys were expected to make it go boom for Krazy Swag Entertainment but they didn’t. So that pushed thing even farther back for us. It’s five of us so that can become very expensive. The deal was actually between, Universal, Krazy Swag Entertainment and Dark House. It was a good business thing, we learned a lot out of it. We were able to get in doors that before that happened we weren’t able to get in but we just decided to go our own separate ways. In the future who knows, we may work together.
THE HEAT: We know that once an empire gets as large as Dark House 415, the next step for that organization is to kick the doors down, what’s your plan to do just that?
DJREUP: My whole thing is I want to disguise myself. I want people to think I’m just this everyday dude but when I come through the door, they’re like woooo!….how is this dude? Then they find I’m a Coast to Coast DJ, I’m an educated CEO who analyzed and studied the game at a very young age. I’m a producer and a great artist. Like Drake, who can sing and rap, I want to be known for my versatility. I look to be the next music Mogul, the next Russell Simmons, just right out of Macon. We refused to be looked at simply as down south rappers who make a hit and last only for six months. Dark House is going to take it all the way!
THE HEAT: Do you feel where Dark House 415 is right now, you still have to find away to get noticed from people say like, Jacob York, Kevin Liles, P.Diddy, or LA Reid?
DJREUP: Yeah exactly. I feel like it’s all about who you know at the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make a name for yourself so people will know you. I feel like if I do enough, these people will see the potential in me. Maybe even say, they see themselves in me. I wouldn’t mind shaking their hands now, (he smiles hard) but I have the patience to wait.
THE HEAT: Tell us what the main ingredients of Dark House 415 bring to the table, other than yourself, Ak Dre, Shagg Colie, Jay HardHead Jacobs, and Dboi Scott, play in the infrastructure of Dark House 415.
DJREUP: Ak Dre and I started Dark House 415. He’s my right-hand man. He’s like my yang to my ying. He’s the one that gives me the whole universe on the flip side so I can make a better decision. Dboi and Dre are blood brothers. Dboi, I’m not gonna lie, he’s my goon! (we laugh) He’s my enforcer, the one that’s not gonna let nobody touch me. Jay HardHead is kinda what you would call our “Godbrother”, he schooled us on the game. He’s been in the position to me people like Timberland, Suge Knight and Jamie Fox. He was able to give us the corporate side we needed because we’re from the streets, and there’s certain information that we don’t get to grab out here. We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for Jacob. And Shagg, that’s my Superman. He is for real my certified Platinum artist. I feel that in my heart. The dude is powerful.
THE HEAT: You are a member of Coast to Coast DJs and your credentials of eduction are from Full Sail University. Has acquiring those credentials helped move you into the leading edge of taking Dark House 415 to the top?
DJREUP: I feel I made some great decisions. I was able to analyze what I needed to do and did it. Take a look at DJ Cali. Not too many DJs realize they can enter the game by breaking other artist. Being from Macon, GA there’s a lot of music coming from here and being with Coast to Coast I’m able to do what DJ Cali did but on a more powerful level. I’m able to get you around two thousand downloads in a day, that’s what Coast to Coast does for me. Now Full Sail University, that’s the behind the scenes education I acquired. That’s what taught me how to go get the cheddar…better. When the movie credits roll, that’s where you’ll see Karetes Gibson, a.k.a. DJ REUP ‘Tha Boss”. (he smiles hard)
THE HEAT: Let’s talk about what DJ REUP and Dark House 415 have on the streets right now.
DJREUP: We just released “No Pen No Pad No Sleep”, by Shagg Colie, 5,000 downloads already. October 25th, we releasing, “Red October” by Ak Dre, Dboi Shawty, “Blue Print of a Dboi”, October 31st, then Shagg Colie drops on Thanksgiving, “No Pen No Pad No Sleep – Ladies Edition”, then finally for this year, a Christmas present for the fans, my first mixtape release, “God Talk”. All of these mix tapes can be found on itunes.
THE HEAT: You guys are busy as hell over at Dark House. Tell us what you’re involved in on Monday nights in Macon and how can someone interested get down?
DJREUP: First of all, big shouts out to Wing Cafe because they gave us the opportunity to do this at their club. Shouts out to Lucy. Big shouts out to LJ Malone who has been with us from day one. This man has put his neck out on the line for several artist who has, I have to say some of’em, taken him for granted. This man has created a platform to bring industry personnel to Macon, GA to sit down for an hour and watch our talent. Shouts out to One Third, they are from Macon and they just signed with Mizay Entertainment, that came from their own foot work and Monday Night Live. Monday Night Live won the best open Mic category in ATL Hottest Underground Music Award Show. People are driving down from places as Carolina, Florida, Virginia, all over the place to be a part of this event. Shouts out to Rock Harder Magazine, Rock Harder DJ’s and T-Rock. T-Rock got ATL on smash! Shouts out to The HEAT Magazine and my girl Nik-O-Licious. I know y’all got that award next year at Atlanta Hottest Underground Hip Hop Awards. You smashig’em too Nik. The HEAT is “Hot”…on “FIRE”!
THE HEAT: We appreciate that REUP, we working hard too, but you got us running trying to catch up…(we laugh hard)

So there you have it. If you can get to Macon, GA on Monday Nights I suggest you put the paddle to the metal and don’t meet us there, beat us there.

To keep an eye on what DarK House 415 always has cooking up, long onto

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT”
Now we’re like fish in “HOT” grease….we smoking!

One of the hardest working women in the Entertainment business today! From Music Video Producer to Script Writer to Author to Personal Life Coaching to now Senior Editor Entertainment and New Artist for The Heat, this girls got game! If it's worth working on, she's on it! Talented, Intelligent, and Sexy, yeah, you get it all in her! You got a story to tell, she has an ear to listen and the skills to put the pen to paper! "I see your lips moving but ain't nothing coming out! Shut-up and start walking, talking gets you know where". Wanna get your skills and talent seen by the world, holla at cha'girl at or


  1. These boys doin big things for themselves as well as the community. Keep it up fellas. I been followin yall’s music since day one. Bout time someone noticed!

  2. we going in!!! appreciate this article!!!! You really shined the light on our situations!!!! we bout to set the corporate word on its ear so they an really hear what the streets waiting for!!! Dark House 415!!!!

  3. Dark house 415 is da future once they get they foot in u can believe the body’s will follow im like fam to them guy’s keep grindin tho yall niggas gon be on top one day


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