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Kenessa Marshaneque Robinson
32C ~ 24 ~ 38

**************************************Miss California 2012 Contestant**************************************

THE HEAT: Kenessa, tell me this, what’s on your mind every morning when you wake?
ROBINSON: Well, Nik I’m thankful for my success thus far. Then I close my eyes and see my dreams come true as I aspire to be an actress. I am also in school majoring in Performance Arts and Communications.
THE HEAT: Tell us a little bit about what you have going on.
ROBINSON: I am currently in the Miss California Pageant 2012 representing Bayview, San Francisco. My purpose of entering this pageant is not only to incorporate beauty with education, but to inspire other women especially, from my neighborhood and my generation, to have confidence and know that they can be whatever they want to be.
THE HEAT: You almost just made me feel like the host of the Miss California Pageant 2012 with that response…(we laugh)
THE HEAT: So Kenessa, tell us as much as you can about yourself.
ROBINSON: Well, I’m Kenessa( Ka’nessa) Marshaneque’ Robinson, I was born October 25, 1990 at Saint Mary’s Hospital in San Francisco. I attended 21st Century Academy and Charles Drew K-5, 21st Century Academy 6-8, then Raoul Wallenberg High school. I graduated in 2008, then later attended Skyline College. In 2009 I began local modeling in the pursuit of becoming an actress. In 2011 I was an honor student (Magna Cum Laude- 3.5…0) and am now an official candidate in the search of MISS CALIFORNIA 2012 as Miss Bayview San Francisco, to later represent California in MISS USA.
THE HEAT: What gave you the confidence to pursuit the dream, of so many young aspiring models and pageant contestants, to become Miss USA?
ROBINSON: I possess what it takes beyond beauty. I’ve look in the face of death and survived, I was kicked to the ground and got up; I was stabbed in the back and survived. Miss USA can relate to both aspects of life, as I know what the darkest days and the brightest nights look like. I perceive myself as the renowned Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh: “A Concrete Rose”. America is reputable for our strength and accomplishments and, I too, as an American have that natural fight in me to win! I know if I put my mind to something, no one can stop me. That is what I want to exemplify to my peers.
THE HEAT: A Concrete Rose, that you are. What do you like to do when you’re not preparing for Beauty competitions?
ROBINSON: I enjoy music! “Music is most influential to me. I am able to express all aspects of my emotions whenever, wherever. All I really need to get through a tough day is a good CD, and I feel better. I love the beach and to bring my dog, Dash,so that he can play. I love family and friend time, and absolutely LOVE to laugh. I would DIE without my computer and my BlackBerry. (she giggles)
THE HEAT: What is something that you simply just despise?
ROBINSON: I hate driving, and I am said to have O.C.D by family members. “I just like for the house to be clean. That is not O.C.D” (laughing).
THE HEAT: What are some of your professional credits?
ROBINSON: My photography for ModelMayhem account is, Brenda Armendariz #1107054, Ray Marquez #1200242. Then I have Nouveau Magazine, Javier P #331316, Paul Greene #7427, Rummy#1379574. You can also find professional photography for Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1031649943. I had a great experience being featured on Mydrinkwear.com and I’ve had the distinctive pleasure of working with models, Sheryl Marie #115088 and Alexandra Bazhina #1396926

Miss Kanessa M. Robinson, we at “THE HEAT” can’t wait to have you back once you have that crown adorning the top of you head.

So Heat fans, if you have more questions for this 2012 Miss USA hopeful contact her via email:kenessa.robinson@yahoo.com or ModelMayhem page-http://www.modelmayhem.com/1343697or on Facebook Fan page- http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kenessa-Robinson/249439018420886?sk=info and twitter @KMARSHANEQUE

Must I say it again? “It’s getting so dog gone “hot” up in here…Let’s keep the fire going! LOL

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT”

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