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When I first heard this young lady sing, I thought to myself, what a beautiful soft humming bird. Then I got an opportunity to hear her sing her rendition of Dorothy Moore’s “Misty Blue”, she blew me away! Strong vocals and the right intensity at the right moment ran chills through me. That doesn’t happen very often when I hear music coming from an unseasoned artist, but Genn Hicks, she had me on my feet yelling, “You go girl”! So how stingy would it be for me not to share her with you, The Heat’s faithful readers. I hope you guys enjoy reading about her life and more importantly, I just know you’re going to enjoy hearing her blow her horns. Turn up the volume and get ready for Genn Hicks!

The Heat: We know you were born and raised in Jackson, Ms, but where’ya laying your head on a pillow tonight?
Hicks: In Hattiesburg, Ms which is an hour and a half from Jackson. The University of Southern Mississippi is in Hattiesburg. I actually graduated from Southern MS with a degree in English Literature. I have a minor in Spanish.
The Heat: Tell us when you first fell in love with music?
Hicks: I fell in love with music when I was five years old. I’ve been singing every since then. This church I used to attend as a child, the preacher had me come up and sing, “Jesus Love’s the Little Children”, and every since then I’ve been wanting to sing.
The Heat: So you thought you were doing something when you were singing all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white..huh?
Hicks: I knew I was doing something…(She laughs out loud)
The Heat: In your music we can hear a lot of acoustics, is that you picking those strings?
Hicks: Well, in a couple of songs. On my last CD, “My Story”, there’s a song, “Being Alone” and that’s me on the guitar. But all of the other songs, that’s not me, I’m still learning how to play. But I do write a lot of my songs on the guitar.
The Heat: Let’s talk about the single you’ve got buzzing around, “Leaving”. Where’d that song come from?
Hicks: Actually I wrote it about a situation a friend was going through. Instead of me trying to talk to her about it, I wrote that song to tell her how I felt about the situation.
The Heat: I really like it. I like “Lost”, “Fantasy”…I like “Choice”…I like “Being Alone”…
Hicks: “Lost”, that’s not about me. But “Being Alone” that’s like my favorite. That’s my struggle of what I went through when I got out of a situation and I was feeling like when would “that” right person come along. It touched me more than any of my other songs. But they are all my favorite as well…(we laugh together)
The Heat: Can you tell us about anyone you’ve been on stage with you never thought you’d find yourself on stage with?
Hicks: It’s more of a stage I’ve been on I never thought I would find myself on. It may not mean that much to someone else but I got the chance to sing at The House of Blues in Chicago. When I went I had no intentions that would happen.
The Heat: And let me be, I’m sure, one of many that has told you, you turned out the House of Blues that night! And for it to be so impromptu, I never would have thought that wasn’t your band you were singing with. You were so in tune together.
Hicks: Thank you…thank you so much…(she giggles)..That was my first time meeting them…(she giggles again)
The Heat: We know that you’re a single mother, so tell us how does that weigh with your efforts in your career?
Hicks: I can tell you that it is challenging because you want to put a lot of effort in your dreams but you also have to realize that your child has dreams too and you have to nurture theirs. So I just try to balance everything, I try to make sure I nurture her gifts as well as mine.
The Heat: So you have a great support system?
Hicks: Yes, my mother, my father, my brother, my sister; I have a twin sister, and no she does not sing, she’s a teacher. She’s a murderer of lyrics…(she laughs hard) She could if she wanted to, but that’s not her dream, that’s mine. But yes, I have a super support system within my family and this allows me to go after my dreams. I love them for that so much.
The Heat: If you could make one wish right now to have one thing happen for your career at this moment, what would that wish be?
Hicks: Wow! That’s a good question Nik…that’s like I have to marinate on that one…(we laugh together). Ok, one wish is that my song could play on every radio station in every state. That’s what I would wish for right now, at this particular moment…(we laugh again)
The Heat: And see, that’s a very successful wish…see you have one..if I were a Genie-in-a-bottle, I would make that wish come true for you.
Hicks: And I truly believe you would too Nik. (we laugh aloud)
The Heat: What’s coming soon from Genn Hicks?
Hicks: Right now I’m working with different songs I have getting them ready. I’m also working with Harold Lyle, he’s a producer from Mississippi. He actually produced “Leaving”. I’m also working trying to get some tracks from JSuper601, who is from Mississippi, and I’m also working with another producer Kelvin McMorris, he’s from Mississippi but he lives in, Nebraska now. Right now I’m just putting out more songs and trying to create more buzz about who I am and bring some great music to the people as well.
The Heat: Any shout outs you wanna give?
Hicks: I’m very thankful and grateful to The Heat Magazine for giving me this opportunity to put my name out there and to let people, I may never have had the opportunity, get to hear my music. I want to thank Harold Lyle. He produced the single “Leaving” as well as producing and directing the video. I want to thank JSuper601, he did a wonderful mix on the song. My family, my friends, and especially my fans! They’re the ones that is making my song spread throughout the social network. Whenever I post a song, they immediately get on it sharing it. To all the people that support Genn Hicks and always available to help me, I want to say thank you! I love you guys!

Somebody betta get’ha! I told yall the south is the SHIT! It’s more talent down here than naps in a afro! India Arie, don’t get out the way, just move over! Here comes Genn Hicks!

The Heat gives mad Kudo’s to Genn Hicks! Follow your “Rainbow” baby, and one day you’ll wake up to nothing but “The Golden Sun”.

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The Heat”

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  1. This is great i love the way this story was put together.Independent Songwriters and rappers need all tha help and support we can get.Deuces Stay Down and keep workin.Love


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