7 Shot at Florida Spring Break Party: Police

PANAMA CITY BEACH – UPDATE 11:50 AM, March 28, 2015 The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple 911 calls at 12:55 a.m. Saturday [more…]

Mother, 20, Who ‘Beheaded Her Three-Month-Old Daughter’ Pleads Not Guilty To Murder As Her Bail Is Increased To $5million

A woman accused of decapitating her 3-month-old daughter in Ohio pleaded not guilty Thursday to a charge of aggravated murder. Deasia Watkins, 20, was [more…]

Help Keep Uber in Arkansas

Tomorrow, a bill, SB 800, will be considered in the House that, if passed, could provide a permanent home for Uber in Arkansas, granting [more…]

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept: Is This the Vehicular Future

We have often complained about the lack of truly far-reaching concept cars on today’s show circuit. Instead of creating visions of a distant future, [more…]

ISIS Publishes ‘Kill List’ Online Of Names, Photos And Addresses Of 100 US Military Members

The ISHD said it wants ‘lone wolf’ attackers to go after the military members and ‘kill them wherever you find them’. The list did [more…]

Word for today: People

People will forget what you did for them and may not return the favor, but you cant let it discourage you. Give from your [more…]

Remains In Wood Stove May Be Food Network Star

And investigators say they found human remains inside a wood stove in the home of the man charged with killing the finalist in season [more…]

Suge Knight Collapses in Court After Bail Set at $25 Million

We’re told Suge collapsed after the hearing, an ambulance came and they are apparently taking him to the hospital. Certainly better than a 20 [more…]

Las Vegas Orthopedic Surgeon Who ‘Threw Themed Sex Parties With Drugs’ Is Arrested

A married Las Vegas doctor and his wife have been accused of holding huge drug-fulled swingers parties at their $3million home. Top orthopaedic surgeon [more…]

Jill Curry Sentenced To 4 years In Prison For Sex With Inmate

Ex-Washington County Jail staffer Jill Curry was sentenced to more than four years in prison Monday for repeatedly having sex with an inmate. Presiding [more…]

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