Heat Exclusive: Assata Renay Shares Love and Wisdom in “Handbook”

In life, there comes a time when the young mind shares wisdom with the old. Love is an enigma and the world continues to [more…]

Heat Exclusive:’Ya Heard Me’ Released On Tidal

New Orleans artists have now been given a golden opportunity to showcase their skills to the world. Music Exec Law has curated the NOLA [more…]

Birdman Ordered to Surrender Keys to $12 Million Estate Over Defaulted Loan

Birdman will need to find a new place to play backyard beach volleyball on a private white sand beach because he was just ordered [more…]

Man Charged with Hiding His Girlfriend’s Month-Old Corpse in Bedroom

After creating a disturbance at his house that brought Rockwood police to his doorstep, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Jeffrey Michael Thomas [more…]

Congratulations Mialou

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New Heat: I need a million by March (Juice iodl)

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Parents Say Daughter 6 Tried to Jump Out of Window After Taking Flu Medicine

ALLEN, Texas – Parents of a 6-year-old in Texas say their daughter had hallucinations and tried to harm herself after taking a dose of [more…]

New Heat From Juice Iodl

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Woman Sprays Herself with Acid and Lies By Saying a Black Woman Did It

A 52-year-old woman fabricated the alleged attack, and her horrific injuries were self-inflicted, Staten Island police said. Source: Victim said a black woman threw [more…]

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