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Have you ever wanted to have your own Skincare Product Line? How about have you sat and wondered what it would be like to start an organization, not for profit, to help others who need help the most? Maybe you’ve thought about what life would be like running your own film/video production company? Well Jahrae Andrews is doing all of it!

At only fifteen years of age this young lady is already soaring to heights only many have dreamed about. Jahrae, pronounced (J’Ray), has her very own Natural Skin Care Product Line called, Jahrae’s Body Works. Then she’s a busy event planner during the month of May for her non-profit organization, The Heart of Rochelle, and last but certainly not least, she’s an aspiring Film: writer, producer, editor, director, and get this director-of-photography, being CEO at, Jahrea’s Film Work.

Talented since the age of four when she began taking ballet, tap, and gymnastics, Jahrae’s parents saw something special in her. This scholar tenth grader has already put in a half decade of work. At the age of ten she started watching videos on YouTube and decided that becoming a DP would be a true passion of hers. She started out playing around with the family camcorder and graduated to getting her own. Her father, Gospel Artist Producer, Gene Andrews, saw that his little princess, the middle offspring of an older and a younger brother, had skills and decided to make an investment in his daughter to feed her dream. “I now have my own professional digital recording camera, green screen, and lighting”, she tells the Heat. It seems like ten is her lucky number because at that age is when she started to develop into the growing sensation she is becoming.

When The Heat heard about this phenomenal young girl power teen, we sought after her to see just how she was managing to do ALL this! Interesting enough, we found her one Sunday morning leaving breakfast with her family and she obliged us with a few minutes of her time.
Pour yourself a cup of Herbal tea and pull up chair and sit down with Jahrae and Nik-O-Licious and see what interesting things they had to talk about.

THE HEAT: Tell me a little bit about what’s going on with Jahrae.
JAHRAE: Um, let’s see…I’ll start with my skincare line. I started Jahrae’s Body Works as a way to make money to purchase defibrillators for schools and church’s after my mom had a heart attack at work. She was a school teacher. My family and I wanted to try and save someone else’s family from the grief we experienced. If the school had had a defibrillator, possibly my mom would still be with us today.
With my skincare products I have lotions, soaps, bathing essentials, men care products, aromatherapy products, and I also have Jahrae’s Apparel
THE HEAT: Do you have your own personal favorite from your line?
JAHRAE: Yes, the Lavender scents.
THE HEAT: Are you the chemist behind the products?
JAHRAE: No, not by myself, me and my dad.
THE HEAT: Does your Dad use the products?
JAHRAE: (she smiles with enthusiasm), yes!
THE HEAT: How much would an average purchase cost?
JAHRAE: Roughly around $6. All of our products are 100% natural. The sugar products cost around $10.

THE HEAT: Tell me about your interest in the film industry.
JAHRAE: My company is called Jahrae’s Film Work. Mostly I’d like to write and edit. I’m taking classes at school learning to be proficient in Final Cut Pro, but also I’d like to direct and produce my own projects. I want to do it all! (she giggles as though she can see the success) My dad has made sure I have everything I need to pursue film production as a career.
THE HEAT: How did you get interested in film making?
JAHRAE: I started watching other people’s projects on YouTube and said, “I can do that” and I picked up a camera one day and started shooting. The more I shot, the better I got. It was like I was born to do this. Then my dad started introducing me to people that were professionals in the industry and the more I learned, the more I grew. My dad really supports me whole heartedly.

THE HEAT: What would you say has been one of your greatest accomplishments pursuing your dream?JAHRAE: I got the opportunity to do an internship at BET…that was awesome! I learned a lot about how to operate the camera and gain a lot of tips of the do’s and don’ts as a DP. (Director-of-photography)
THE HEAT: You have anything you’re working on right now?
JAHRAE: I actually do. I’m working with a lady who shot an independent film and she needed her casting call edited.
THE HEAT: Do you have an interest to be in front of the camera?
JAHRAE: (she smiles big once again) No…(thin giggles)

THE HEAT: So tell us about your foundation, The Heart Of Rochelle.
JAHRAE: My family and I started this like I mentioned earlier as a tribute to my mother Rochelle Gill Andrews who died of a heart attack at the age of 45. It was just clear to us that had the school she worked in had a defibrillator, my mother could have received instant medical attention before the paramedics were able to get to her. Our goal is to get defibrillators in every Fulton County School in Atlanta, Ga., and as many churches that we can. So every year we host “Save A Heart Day” in May. May is another tribute to my mother because not only did she die in May, actually eight days after her 45th birthday, on the 16th, she was born in May on the 8th. So we do this to raise money, along with Jahrae’s Body Works, to purchase as many defibrillators as we can. It’s a huge success because there are so many people who have lost loved ones to a heart attack. Many of those loved ones were young like my mom.
THE HEAT: What do you do at these fund raisers?
JAHRAE: Have a great time mostly. I have the best father any child could ask for and he helps out a whole lot with this event. There are activities set up for people of all ages, like a giant water slide, and rides for people to enjoy. We have gospel singers come out and perform. We’ve even had people that were from American Idol come and perform to help raise money. Oh, and of course, Jahrae’s Body Work booth is set up. (there goes that smile again)

THE HEAT: So you and your dad are close?
JAHRAE: He’s the best a girl could have!

This talented diva is by far making moves in the right direction. Already armed with a multitude of avenues to jump start her life in the path of success, she is surely one to watch on the rise. The Heat will keep you up close and personal with Jahrae as she travels through her journey in life. With so many decisions that she has to make on a daily about her life, it was cute to hear her answer the question;
THE HEAT: So where are you planning to pursue your college education?
JAHRAE: Oh, I don’t know. I just know I’m going…
Being as precious as can be she ends the interview with:
JAHRAE: Have a great day and I thank you so much for this opportunity to interview with you Nik and The Heat Magazine.

Well Ms. Jahrae Andrews, if it’s true what they say about Angels smiling down on us, I’m sure your mom is full of smiles, hugs, and kisses! You Go Jahrae!

Feel “The Heat”!

Check Jahrae out at: www.jahraebodyworks.com or make a donation and light a candle at www.theHeartofRochelle.com and help Jahrae Andrews on her defibrillator campaign.

One of the hardest working women in the Entertainment business today! From Music Video Producer to Script Writer to Author to Personal Life Coaching to now Senior Editor Entertainment and New Artist for The Heat, this girls got game! If it's worth working on, she's on it! Talented, Intelligent, and Sexy, yeah, you get it all in her! You got a story to tell, she has an ear to listen and the skills to put the pen to paper! "I see your lips moving but ain't nothing coming out! Shut-up and start walking, talking gets you know where". Wanna get your skills and talent seen by the world, holla at cha'girl at cnikdace@theheatmag.com or nik.theheatmag@gmail.com


  1. I only met this young lady briefly but I have seen and felt great things from her. She has enormous TALENT, eloquent in speech and the effervescent for our young entrepreneurs today.— Keep going Jahrae I am so proud of you.—

  2. What a joy to see a young lady soaring, Having a Father who has in invested in the future of his child, When so many African American men get sterotyped as deadbeats Dads and take a lesser role in raising giants for our community. Continue to stay on the path that God will carve for you!!

    May God Richly Bless you!


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