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(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) The Legendary DJ Erv – Still Repping for His City

Standing the test of time with a career literally spanning decades – The Legendary DJ Erv – he is a New Orleans native whose name rings out all over the world when it comes to promotion of bounce music.

The Heat Magazine recently caught up with DJ Erv, whose show on Rob G Radio is broadcast around the world. Listeners from the U. S. to Russia and beyond tune in on a regular basis to catch his show – one that never disappoints.  DJ Erv interacts with his Rob G Radio listeners in the chat room during his broadcasts, as if they are old friends from back in the day.

In addition to the successful show, DJ Erv is a charter member of the newly formed, New Orleans Union for Entertainment (N.O.U.E.). Together with members of the N.O.U.E., New Orleans’ unique bass laden sound is being served to the world on a silver platter – something that any fan of the music will tell you, has been a long time coming – and the coalition of N.O.U.E. members from various parts of the entertainment industry have unified for just that purpose.

Here’s what The Legendary DJ Erv had to say in our candid conversation:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You’re a legend, no doubt.  Tell us how you came to get started in the music industry

THE LEGENDARY DJ ERV: It all started when I was 13. I used to listen to my mentor, The Legendary Slick Leo, back when Whale 105 was rolling at THE FAMOUS. I used to stay up late and wait for him to come on air so I could emulate everything he did on my grandmother’s Hitachi. I would copy his scratches and the rest was history. Me and the boys formed a group called The Grand Scratchers and The Trip Boyz and DJ Erv was born.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who were your influences?

THE LEGENDARY DJ ERV: Jam Master J R.I.P., The Legendary Slick Leo, Grand Master Flash, T-Roy of the G, and my man Bitty.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How much of an impact did New Orleans’ culture have on your music?

THE LEGENDARY DJ ERV: Just look around you and you can see how much it had. Whoever thought it would last this long? It’s taking off like a jet. I’m just proud to be a part of the movement. Mad love to DJ Jimi, Devious, PNC, Ms. Tee, Cheeky Blakk, Mc Spud, DJ Jubilee, Katey Red, T.T. Tucker and DJ Irv (R.I.P), and Magnolia Shorty (R.I.P.). These are the legends that just made it all go. All I want to say is big up to Big Freedia for taking it to a higher level and Gary at Odyssey Records for putting that trigger in my hands.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What advice do you have for younger artists who may just be entering the music business?

THE LEGENDARY DJ ERV: Do your homework about the business. Get all your shit copywrited and published because if you don’t, these indie people will get you real good – if you don’t do that. Don’t let anyone take what’s yours, like your name – because back when bounce got started, it was taken from me like I wasn’t DJ Erv. Get your name trademarked as well because there will be a flock of DJs rolling like they are you in this business. Stay away from the temptations, because what’s out there will leave your ass broke.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about Rob G Radio.

THE LEGENDARY DJ ERV: Man, Rob G Radio is the movement for the people. I used to DJ on UStream TV when this cat named Robert Gray came at me and said, “Yo Erv, let me relay your show on Rob G Radio.” I said, “As Long as I can rep my peeps and be me.” Now, one year later, we doing big things with DJs from around the globe.  DJ Kidd, Karama Sadaka, Lady Williams, Keedy So 504, Jureesa, DJ Rob G, and Ice Mike – like I said – Rob G Radio is the movement. It has 10 sites for everyone, from Hip Hop, Blues, Gospel, and Spoken Word, to NOLA Bounce, a talk show and recently added, The Kali Red Experience. We are giving back to the people that help us move forward. That’s how we came to add Kali Red to the family – she is doing so much for the people. We gave Kali her own website to promote her foundation and everything she does. Rob G Radio helps artists that are not being heard on an international basis, so I took advantage of what I have, to put the 504 artists on the map period. I have to show them that we have other artists besides Lil Wayne – and introduce them to PNC, Ms. Tee, Sess 4-5, Magnolia Shorty (R.I.P.), Rantz Davis, Devious, and the bounce nation. Local radio refused to support us, so I took matters into my own hands to speak for the people. None of us DJs get paid to do this – we do it because we go hard for the people.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from DJ Erv in the future?

THE LEGENDARY DJ ERV: Me doing me – the The DJ ERV Way – the way I been doing it from Day 1, mixing up the beat with some classic songs and helping the people. Plus, I just did a bounce song called The Vader Bounce (Darkside). I’m ready to return to the scene of the crime and also to take Rob G Radio to a higher level.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You have a theory that UNITY is key to success – tell us about that.

THE LEGENDARY DJ ERV: I used to wake up in tears every night because my people still can’t put the BS aside and work together. It’s still the same old thing. I’m in San Antonio, Texas watching this all go down and it’s just a mess. I used to have some DJs on Rob G Radio with me. I got them all started and they all just abandoned ship. We were supposed to be one big family, but hey, they build their own websites like they got it started – and started this internet beef with all our online radios that we have. I said people that are not going to last long in this business because nobody likes to hear people give a good person like myself a bad name. The only way we will make it in this business is if we all come together as one and stop all the BS. Let’s make this money together. But the thing you have to believe is that unity will make us stronger. If you don’t come together, you will never be successful. Look at what we’re doing on Facebook with the New Orleans Union for Entertainment. Big ups to Mista Meana, Devious and myself. That is truly beautiful, right? Everything I go in there, I just can’t believe at what I’m seeing with my people coming together as a United Force. I been in this game and I have seen some artists cross people and fall dead on their asses. Mad love to the haters who said it will never happen. I guess we’ve proven them wrong. UNITED WE STAND!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: The N.O.U.E. is definitely a movement to be reckoned with – you have a large fan base and I am sure they are proud to see the movement in action.  What do you have to say to your fans to motivate them?



EDITOR’S NOTE:  Make sure to check out the N.O.U.E.’s mixtape that is soon to debut. Among other legendary artists, DJ Erv will appear as well. CLICK HERE to learn more about the movement.


Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor-in-Chief
Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor-in-Chief
Vice-President & Asst. Editor-in-Chief of The Heat Magazine, Arlene is a Louisiana native, Certified Paralegal, Publicist, Owner of MIKODreamz PR, co-owner of 504Diffusion, writer, producer, and jack of all trades, who is heavily involved in her community as well as serving as Media Advisor for New Orleans Union for Entertainment (NOUE), Member of the NOLA Music Awards from 2012-present & Member of the Press Club of New Orleans. Her work is published across the web. Her PR work has been highly recognized & awarded. She was/is publicist for the late great BTY YoungN, 0017th and more. She is also working on her first novel & aspires to turn it into a film & is currently writing the authorized biography of the legendary Pimp C of UGK. She can be reached via email at Follow her on Twitter - @CategorySeven & Instagram - @hurricanearlene.


  1. BRAvo, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!! Well said my sir the LEGENDARY Dj ErV!!! I absolutely LuV IT!!!! N.O.U.E #FAMILY STAnD UP!!!! & LETs GEAUX!!!! (in my Dj ErV voice;-)


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