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Meet Josiah Mekhi: The New Voice of RnB Realness

Josiah Mekhi, a Seattle-based RnB artist releases his newest single, “Cringe”

RnB is a musical genre that has been captivating hearts for decades now. Its soulful voices and smooth rhythms, paired with deep lyricism, undeniably define the tapestry of music. Over the years, numerous RnB legends have transformed the genre. Now, there’s a new artist who takes relatability to a new level. Introducing Josiah Mekhi, a Seattle-based RnB artist whose newest release, “Cringe,” is destined to get RnB fans obsessing over this rising star.

Josiah Mekhi

Most relatable RnB songs center around love or heartache, but Mekhi’s “Cringe” is a breath of fresh air, delving into situations we’ve all encountered. “Cringe” portrays the icky feeling of a casual summer fling where the person you’re dating has too many disgusting traits, such as being rowdy when drunk and contradicting her actions. Inspired by a true fling Josiah endured, even his actions became contradicting as he continued to give in to sex despite not connecting with her.

“Cringe” is the honest yet brutal side of the dating world. It reveals that not everything is love at first sight, and we often give in to short-term gratifications, hating ourselves afterward. This raw take on our toxic cycles and self-sabotage is rarely explored in the RnB realm. Josiah Mekhi’s “Cringe” is a testament to his mission as an artist who strives to be more real and authentic. By wearing his heart on his sleeve, he creates music that we all can relate to.

Josiah’s music is vulnerable, upbeat, and inspiring, making him an artist destined to be at the top of the RnB genre. His ability to capture and convey the complexities of modern relationships sets him apart from other artists. “Cringe” is not just a song but an experience that resonates with anyone who has ever been in a less-than-ideal romantic situation.

In a genre filled with songs about love and heartbreak, Josiah Mekhi’s “Cringe” stands out for its raw honesty and relatability. His dedication to creating authentic music that speaks to the human experience makes him a rising star worth watching. With his unique voice and storytelling prowess, Josiah Mekhi is set to leave an indelible mark on the RnB landscape. Keep an eye out for this talented artist as he continues to captivate audiences with his genuine and heartfelt music.




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