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THE HEAT had the opportunity to have a chit chat with the up and rising American Soul sensation, Brian Owens, from an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. Even where temperatures were peaking around 120° degrees, the hot weather was blistering; it still was no match for the rising temperatures this man’s music could cause!  If it’s R&B, Jazz, A Cappella, or whatever, Brian Owens holds his own.  Like many of the super talented vocalist today, Brian Owens was reared behind the doors of the church, but his genre of music today spreads far and wide.

At only 26 years of age, he’s already graced the stages with the likes of Peter Martin, Christine Brewer, Herlin Riley, Reuben Rogers, Greg Hutchinson, Neal Caine, David Torkanowsky, Reggie Thomas, Rick Haydon, Tom Kennedy, and Cassandrea McKinley.  Some of those names you may not be quite familiar with but what about these; Ramsey Lewis, Boney James, Spyro Gyra, and Peter Mayer, (Jimmy Buffett’s guitarist).  He’s performed on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, BET’s “Jazz Discovery”, and the Emmy Award Winning, “The Wayne Brady Show”. This St. Louis, Missouri native is making his way up the charts, through the ranks like a Bolt-of- Lightening!  He sings to the hearts of anyone seeking the smooth sounds of great soulful music. Let’s get to know a little about the man behind it all, Brian Owens!

THE HEAT: When did you first fall in love with music?

BRIAN OWENS: Awe, man…not really a time, it’s always been there.  Coming from a family of singers listening to artist as Sam Cook, The Soul Stirres, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, and so many more, music has always been a part of my life.  Growing up in my house, everybody sang.

THE HEAT: When did you start doing music professionally?

BRIAN OWENS: Probably, since I was about seventeen.  I started gigging doing shows in the summer at Bush Gardens.  Then I got a three month contract doing Silver Dollar City. Then I joined the Air Force.

THE HEAT: Are you the man behind the lyrics or the man behind the beat?

BRIAN OWENS: I write my own stuff.  I do some collaborating with my drummer on a lot of different aspect of production, but the basic element of the tune; harmony, melody, and lyrics, I write my own stuff.

THE HEAT: What was the inspiration behind you wanting to pursue a career in music?

BRIAN OWENS: I majored at college in music.  It took me ten years to get my Degree…(he smiles ) but today I have my B.A. in Music. I think it was in stages:  1st I can sing and people will listen.  2nd I can sing and I can get paid to do it.  Then when it comes to now, I can sing, people will listen and I can get paid to do it and it’s an amazing platform to share a much greater message.  I think that’s what it’s evolved into now.  To my being able to share some much needed messaging in our culture today.

THE HEAT: Speaking of our Culture today, do you see yourself as a Role Model to our youth listening to your music?

BRIAN OWENS: Absolutely!  I’m very involved with the youth at my church and I know the young people are listening and being motivated by what they’re listening to.

THE HEAT: This Beautiful Love, where did that come from?

BRIAN OWENS: I actually wrote it in 2002.  Then it didn’t have that Al Green kind of vive.  It has evolved into what it is now.  Obviously about my wife!  Who at that time was my girlfriend, I wrote it about her.

THE HEAT: What is the advice you can give to ladies who are not in a Beautiful Love relationship?

BRIAN OWENS: Remember I said, when I wrote this song, I wrote it because of how my relationship was with my then girlfriend.  Even though we weren’t married, I knew we were gonna get married.  I think there’s a couple of ways to look at it.  Ultimately, Beautiful Love on the surface is about a love between a man and a woman.  But, if you’re not feeling that Beautiful Love from your relationship, I would say if you had Jesus and God as the real men in your life then even if you’re in this place where this physical man isn’t giving you Beautiful love, I would say just lean on the person that always would, God! It’s difficult for me to answer that question because I really can’t imagine not feeling that way being in love.  My wife brings out the love of God inside me, that’s why she’s my, Beautiful Love.

THE HEAT: What’s going on now with you?

BRIAN OWENS: Right now I’m touring with the AFCENT BAND, Sidewinders.  We’ve been to Afghanistan and most parts of southwest Asia and the Middle East bringing some much needed love to our troops.

THE HEAT: Anything coming up for your fans?

BRIAN OWENS: Yes it is.  I’m unofficially signed and this song Beautiful Love will be the first single on that CD. Actually it will be the title of the CD.  I’ll be done out here soon and when I get home, that’s what I’ll be working on, that CD.

THE HEAT: So when the CD’s done, you coming back to share with us that experience?

He ends our little sit down with:


We wish Brian Owens all the best in his rise in this industry.  THE HEAT will keep an eye out on him and make sure we keep all Brian Owens loyal fans, up close and personal.  For more on Brian Owens, go to and enjoy the experience.

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