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NIK: So what’s happening?
KNIGHT: I’m good. I’m glad is Friday…raining, but it’s all good.
NIK: We noticed you’re a Native from Richmond VA, what do you miss most?
KNIGHT: I’ve been in Atlanta for five years now. I miss my family! It’s like I’m eight hours away so I can’t see them every day or as much as I’d like to.

NIK: So when did you first fall in love with music?
KNIGHT: I remember listening to music around the house growing up and I just loved it. My grandmother used to have all her songs on cassette tapes and she would play a song and tell me to come and sing to her. My sister used to be like, “awww nooo, grandmaaa”…(he giggles)
NIK: What’s your best performance to date you feel you’ve had?
KNIGHT: Centennial Park, in Atlanta, GA. Just looking out in the audience and seeing people laughing, singing, clapping, having a good time that was awesome. It was an hour show for their Wednesday afternoon concerts. It was a great show. It started out a little rocky. Just as I was about to get started the mic went out. It took about fifteen minutes for that to get fixed. Then they were like—just keep going, way after my hour was up. I even had a friend that works downtown Atlanta tell me he heard the show. That was all like a great rush.

NIK: So what’s it like being an independent artist here on the Atlanta scene.
KNIGHT: Moving here is the reason I came, to do music. There are a lot of people trying to capitalize on people telling you they can do what they really can’t do. I don’t think it’s all intentional, it’s just that there’s so many people trying to do their thang here. I’ve wasted money and time trying to find quality people I want to work with. The most I learned is to be self managing. Until you get to a point where you can’t handle it alone, you should manage yourself. Have people you can consult with but handle your own business. It’s worked out so far and I manage okay.
NIK: You were up for two 2011 ATL HOTTEST Entertainment Awards, Hottest Male Vocalist and Hottest Future Superstar, what was that like?
KNIGHT: This was my second year being nominated. I was nominated in 2010 for Hottest Future Superstar. I think because the first time I was like wow! It was the first time I had ever been nominated for something so big doing music. It felt good to have people looking at you. I remember in 2010, I almost didn’t go but I’m glad I did. It was awesome, the red carpet, the photographers, the reporters, it was all so awesome. This year was even better. This year I got the opportunity to perform. I didn’t win, but it was great I was nominated. This tells me somebody is paying attention to me. That’s awesome!

NIK: Your debut album is entitled, “A Day In The Knight”. When can we expect to see it on the shelf?
KNIGHT: This year. What I’m doing, being an independent artist, is putting out singles. I put out “Forever” last October, “Addicted To Love” is on its way out and in a couple of months I’ll release, “Let You Go”. I’m putting out singles to create that buzz. Like Nicki Minaj and Drake. They put out singles for a whole year before they do an album. I have people asking me all the way from Austria, “When you gonna put a, album out”, but I’m taking my time. It will be this year.
NIK: I like “Forever”, “On Hold”, “Knight Life”, “Trying”… did you write and produce all your songs?
KNIGHT: “The Knight Life Project”… my first attempt to do an album back in 2008 I met a very talented guy, Terrell King, and we did an EP, “Knight Life Project and On Hold”. What he wanted to do was gear up his writing credits. He said let me get you some hits and that’s exactly what happened. 2009 “Knight Life Project” took off. That’s what opened a lot of doors for me. When I met my current producer, Phoenix Electric, we decided that we would both do the writing. He creates the tracks and we write it together. We’ve bonded so great. He’s brought the best out of me to move forward.

NIK: We should be looking for a wedding song coming from you, can we?
KNIGHT: Of course. “Addicted To Love” is going to get me ready for that since it’s about those feelings you get when you first meet someone and fall in love.
NIK: So, should we be looking for any features coming up on your singles you’re about to drop?
KNIGHT: Absolutely, my second single on the album, “Let You Go”, my home boy, “Fatso Skinny”, who has a large fan base, doing stuff overseas and everywhere. This should be released around early spring, that’s the brake up song…(he giggles)

NIK: We are so thankful for this moment with you. We’re proud of your success and what you’re bringing to the industry and we look forward to talking to you again, so keep in touch.
KNIGHT: I want to thank you Nik for giving me the opportunity to share myself with your and my fans. I appreciate you for the opportunity to be a part of what you guys at “THE HEAT” are doing as well.
NIK: You also have a internet radio show, where can we find you?
KNIGHT: We had Rodney Perry on their a few weeks ago. We about to do a show on commitment…your readers don’t want to miss that. We also play major and independent music on our show so spread the word. Our one year anniversary is coming up as well.

Well Stephen Knight, let me just say, you are “HOT”! Your music is refreshing in a world of mostly hip hop and rap music.
For those of you who want to become a fan of Stephen Knight follow him at:
Stephenknight – facebook, twitter, myspace, reverbnation
Keep up the great job Stephen Knight! And I will be looking for that “wedding anthem” soon! LOL
Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT
“Like battered fish hitting the grease –Sizzling HOT” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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