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NIK: Tell us how long you’ve been entertaining people, when did you fall in love with music?
RONI: My parents told me that I’ve been dancing and singing since I was three years old. But I remember thinking I was going to grow up and be a lawyer. Once I got up around nine or ten, I feel in love with the blues. That’s all my parents used to play, those 45s and 78s on that turn table.
NIK: Those “put a nickel on the needle” songs.
RONI: I used to have to blow the dust off’em too. (we laugh remembering)

NIK: So where are you from?
RONI: Mendenhall, MS…right off 49.
NIK: You did “Come Back Kind Of Love” with Sir Charles and Steve Ganaway, what was that like?
RONI: Well, I’ve been with Steve since 2005. I left Gulfport, MS, in 2005 and went to Atlanta, I was there about a week, I was escaping Hurricane Katrina. I got a call that someone was interested in signing me to their label. They had been told I could sing. They shot me down here to Nashville, and I’ve been here every since. That man was Steve Ganaway. As far as Charles, I’ve known Charles since I was a background singer when I first started, he was living in Jackson, Mississippi. I actually stayed in the same house with him and worked in the studio and learned a lot from him. We worked on a lot of stuff together. He’s like my little brother, because I’m older then he is. He always gets me telling me I’m old, but that’s okay.

NIK: Well tell him it must be the water because you look fantastic.
RONI: Thank you. He actually wrote, “Come Back Kind of Love” for me based on my first album. He gets his inspiration to write songs for other people by betting a vibe for what kind of singing artist you are and what type of entertainer you are. He wrote that song for me for my second album, I just kind of ad lib in it which made me become the co-writer. But, the song was basically from Sir Charles, Steve is the label and management so we slapped all our names on it. But I love Sir Charles dearly for everything he’s ever done for me.
NIK: What’s one of the songs you have that you can’t ever get enough of?
RONI: I have about two from each album. The first album, “Fool On My Hands” and “Love Grows”, are the two I love off the first album. On my second album it’s “Come Back Kind Of Love” and “I’m Tired”, which I wrote.

NIK: If we were in a perfect world what would you love to see happen to your career right now?
RONI: I would like to be working more. I would love to be on the stage because that’s where I am most happy. When I can get up there and sing and do what I love to do and look out in the crowd and see everyone is enjoying what I’m giving them, that makes them happy. I’m most happy when I’m making them happy.
NIK: Is there anyone you’d like to do a duo with in any other genre of music?
RONI: In gospel I would have to say, Shirley Caesar, and in R&B there are a few people. I would love to do something with Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

NIK: You with anyone of those ladies would be a bad song…Wow!
RONI: Uh, huh, exactly. It sure would be…(we giggle)
NIK: In your opinion what’s the most important thing in creating a hit single?
RONI: The most important thing in creating a hit single first and foremost is the hook or the chorus. Which to me, is the main part of the song, once you create that hook your verses flow easily, but you have to tell a story with those verses. And it has to be something that’s been experienced or people can relate to. To me, it’s the main ingredient of a song. It’s just like reading a book. If you don’t have that main plot in that book, the story doesn’t make any sense.

NIK: Exactly, so, what’s on the burner for Roni in 2012?
RONI: On the burner is this album I’m working on now which has the singles, “Move Your Body”, “Love You Too Much”, which is my favorite, I love, “Love You Too Much”, and “Love You Baby”…this album is going to be a mixture of what I call, ‘my feel me’ album. Some of the music sounds like the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, but what I’m creating down here in my lab is all about how I feel. I’m writing everything, I’m doing the music myself, I got my keyboard, my guitars, my software, my computers, and my mic.
NIK: Maybe you should call this project, “Myself”…
RONI: (she giggles) That’s a good idea…(we laugh) You know, I didn’t just pop up on the scene, I’ve paid my dues. I started out as a background singer for Nathaniel Kimble, “Mr. Back It Up Man”. Then I went on and did some background work for Sir Charles and Jeff Floyd. I also used to dance with Bobby Rush. I did that trying to break in the industry and meet different people to start doing my own thing as far as singing and recording. I paid some dues before I got as far as I am now.

NIK: I’m certainly proud of you Roni, you are an inspiration to me. I appreciate this opportunity to get to know a little about the well known “Sexy Lady Of Southern Soul”; Roni Sloss. I’m sure our readers and your fans will love the update. Once you get that album completed, come back and let’s share some more.
RONI: I appreciate you Nik. This has been an honor. Thanks to you and “The HEAT” for helping me to reach even more fans. I’m so thankful for the fans and I’m thankful for all those that support me and stand with me.

Roni you keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working out fantastic for you! We at “THE HEAT” will keep our radar tuned in to what’s happening in your upcoming musical days and we wish you the best!

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT”

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