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From behind the Scene to back in front of the Screen, Sky Keeton is making his move once again like a ball of fury! Sky and his homie Jason Weaver are making their waves on the music scene as The Sons of Bobby Brown, aka, S.B.B. You know Jason Weaver from his roles in Drumline, ATL, Lottery Ticket, and so much more! Although “Sons of Bobby Brown” has an infrastructure built as what one may call, “A Posse”, Sky and Jason are the spearheads behind the rejuvenation of Bobby Brown. He was deemed once as “The King of R & B ” by his now ex-wife, Whitney Houston.

The dynamic duo has put together a mix tape of R&B grooves in the name of the man– Bobby Brown! The Heat had the great opportunity to sit down with Sky and talk about the single release, “You Got Me”. The inspiration behind the song is one many guys can relate to, especially the ones who love the strip clubs. A guy goes into a strip club, see’s this beautiful stripper, and instantly he falls in love with her! “Just for the night, I’ll make it rain on you girl, loving your body the way it moves, tonight girl, “You Got Me”… It aint’ they business what we do, they just mad girl they ain’t you, tonight girl, “You Got Me”, the sensation begins.

Sexy ass Jason Weaver brings his smooth debonair personality to the verses and eye candy Sky rings in the chorus making any woman wiggle in her seat for more. From the first beat of the song, your head will not contain itself from bobbing! Sky has been known to put his admiration of sex in many of the songs he has written, but this time, he and Jason struck GOLD! It’s something about that guitar and that bass drum drop at the beginning that makes you want to put this song on repeat, call her up and tell her, tonight girl, “You Got Me”. And if that wasn’t enough, he brings something sensual and sophisticated to the video, the beautiful and talented model, Chantaille Elkerson. Her beauty and poise makes a perfect fit for the videos as Jason is engulfed by her sweet, sensual, gestures of seduction. So if you’ve been waiting for a smash hit that makes you want to get up off the couch and hurry to your MP3 Player to download it and add it to your playlist , S.B.B. is bringing it to’ya! So all ya’ll that’s got the speakers that haven’t been rattling in the trunk lately, I suggest you get yourself a copy.

The Heat was on set of the shooting of the video and got an opportunity to pull this extremely busy and talented Sky to the side for a sit down and this is what he had to reveal about the single and about the man himself: Schuylar S. Keeton, aka, Sky, aka S.B.B.

The Interview

The Heat: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sky: I’m from the Sip: Laurel, Ms…I’m an Artist first, vocal recording artist. Second, I’m a writer. Writing is one of my trades, the way I make my money. I’m the son of a very loving mother and a pimp! “True Story”, my daddy was a pimp. I’m a father, humanitarian, and lover of pets.(he smiles)

The Heat: What’s your fondest memory of growing up?
Sky: My mother cooking every Sunday–the way that Cornbread would smell.. I always knew my mom was going to cook a feast on Sunday. I also can remember when my little sister and my two older brothers would be sitting in the living room while our mom was at work and we, the band, made our music using pots, tops, tin can, anything to beat on to make a beat…I remember that most. I had a nice childhood I can’t complain. I didn’t know we were poor.

The Heat: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Sky: That I can’t um… It’s kind of hard to embarrass me…I can’t really recall ever being embarrassed probably cause I don’t give a shit…
Oh, wait, I do remember, my mother went under my bed in my shoe box and found a bunch of nasty letters the preacher’s daughter had written me…she had named my pee pee in them and talking about a whole lot of stuff she wanted to do with it. My mom read them aloud to my family; my Auntie , my sister and brothers. That is probably the only moment I’ve been embarrassed.

The Heat: When did you fall in love with Music?
Sky: Every since I first heard Michael Jackson’s thriller. Yeah, somewhere in between MJ Thriller and Prince’s Purple Rain. My mom bought Purple Rain home on a VHS. When I saw Purple Rain, I knew I wanted to do what Prince was doing. I wanted to be an entertainer. I remember Watching Purple Rain over and over and over again.

The Heat: Do you still get as excited today writing music as you did when you wrote your first song?
Sky: Oh of course I do, especially when I just make something…you know, when something just comes to me, mostly from the beat…Once I know the beats a hit, I start writing lyrics to it.

The Heat: What was that song?
Sky: My first song I wrote was for a group I formed called, First Class. That group consisted of me and three of my buddies from the projects in Laurel, Ms, like boys to men (he smiles in thought). My first song was called Love is Here”…I brought the song to my mom and she was like “oh listen to my baby”, she was so proud. I got a little studio time and did the session with my group…My mom was so excited, my brothers were like man that’s bullshit…But really it was wack as fuck…(he giggles) “It’s a bright night it’s a warm night for you to make love to me girl, Love is Here”.. some shit like that.

The Heat: What are you bringing to the industry that you feel is missing?
Sky: Real talent is terrible right now. The music industry ain’t making shit. I mean entertainers are making some money but it ain’t like it used to be. You remember back in the day when that album came out today and you couldn’t wait to go get it? That ain’t going on these days. In the black community especially, no one is making anything that makes you wanna go get the album. Marsha Ambrosius , Sade, Jay-Z, Kanye West…they make music I want to own…Nobody else is making music like that. Nothing authentic to follow…Originality is what I’m bringing to the table. I have millions of recordings, four Grammys and no deal. Not because I haven’t gotten offers, they come a dime a dozen. The labels want you to comprise to give up control so they can get you to make this garbage that’s being put out there now. But I ain’t one to compromise. I ain’t going to let some idiot tell me to change my music. That’s my creativity, my passion, my soul, why would I compromise that? It’s like an artist who paints. How can you tell them what’s in their mind to bring to the front to share as an artist? You can’t tell someone how to paint their own vision on a canvas, so you can’t tell Sky how to get down with his music. I’m bringing hits back to the industry. There are no more real artists. Kanye West is the most artistic person I see doing music right now. Yeah I said it. And I say that because he doesn’t compromise. He makes the songs he wants to. I have a box full of contracts from too many labels…but nobody’s getting my creative control. Then
you’re not really an artist… you’re a fucking clone… Real Shit that you can grove to.

The Heat: How does this cd compare to your earlier work?
Sky: This is one of the songs that will be the first single release by the group…S.B.B, Sons of Bobby Brown, Sky, Jason Weaver, it’s a lot of guys under that umbrella mixed tape. “Kingdom Road” is the mixed tape title…which is actually hosted by Bobby Brown. He’s honored he’s being…replicated.

The Heat: Can you see yourself getting in a lyrical war with any artist as did with Pac and Biggy?
Sky: I would like to! To have someone challenge my expertise would confirm I’m the shit! I would love to destroy anyone if they came at me.

The Heat: Are you a family man or does the single life better suit you?
Sky: I like the family thang… I would like to be a family man. I would much rather be a family man. Ain’t shit out here with these chicks. You try and give’em everything, work hard so they can live in the finest home, drive whatever she wants, hell, she at home in the living room more than the furniture and then she got beef with you about being gone all the time. Hell, being gone is how I’m providing all this shit for her. It’s hard out here though trying to find a good, understanding woman.

The Heat: What do you do in the meantime?
Sky: When I’’m not doing music, I’m mostly with my children, 13 yr old daughter, 11 yr old son, and yeah, I have a 1 year old daughter…I really spend a lot of time with my 1 yr old. I did say I love family. For I am nothing without them.

The Heat: What’s next for Sky?
Sky: After music…movies. I’ma need to get into acting and take some classes and get it on point. Jason’s gonna help me get tweaked right.

And in case the ladies were wondering!

The Heat: Are you single?
Sky: Um…(he smiles that candy smile and licks his plump lips) some people would disagree, but I feel if you’re not married you’re single…I enjoy smashing if it comes across the table.. On the black end. (He giggles)

The Heat: Are you looking?
Sky: No. I’m never looking….I don’t look for stuff like that I be trying like hell to avoid it. I would love to be Cliff Huxtable– but I gotta find my Claire. If you can’t be my Claire to my Cliff, you can hit the spiff I can give you a lift…Right now, I’m just focused on accomplishing this project and focused on my music. I had a young lady I was in a relationship with and she started complaining…I think we fell out…

The Heat: What is the one thing in a woman you can’t live w/out?
Sky: I mean just me in general, a woman period! I love women! There’s nothing better than a woman, but of course Pussy. Ok I said it. I would rather be dead than to be without pussy. I can’t go to prison I love women and pussy too damn much! ( He smiles big)

The Heat: What’s your woman fetish?
Sky: I like a woman’s … um… I’m a lips guy, then I’m a feet guy, then I’m a thigh guy.. I like the way a woman is shaped. It’s like looking at a new Ferrari. The shape, the scent, the taste, I just love women.

The Heat: Are you a boxer or brief kind of man?
Sky: Both… Sometimes I wear boxers sometimes I wear briefs…I like both.

The Heat: How you feel about women and weave?
Sky: I don’t’ like it at all…I’ve had bad experiences. She would leave the hair shit all over the place. I think that a woman should wear her natural hair….whatever length…find something to do with it…If it’s my choice…I can do without the weave.

The Heat: Would you pay for her to get her hair weaved? What is the most you’d pay? Would you pay $3,000 a month?
Sky: Yes…if it’s my woman I’d try and get her whatever she wants. (Will, (Sky’s DP) adds…he wouldn’t want a woman who needs a $3000 dollar a month hair-do).

The Heat: Is Sky Exotic or Erotic?
Sky: Um…I’m more erotic than Exotic… ( He licks those plump lips once again)

Feel the HEAT!
P.S. “We love you B O B B Y”!

One of the hardest working women in the Entertainment business today! From Music Video Producer to Script Writer to Author to Personal Life Coaching to now Senior Editor Entertainment and New Artist for The Heat, this girls got game! If it's worth working on, she's on it! Talented, Intelligent, and Sexy, yeah, you get it all in her! You got a story to tell, she has an ear to listen and the skills to put the pen to paper! "I see your lips moving but ain't nothing coming out! Shut-up and start walking, talking gets you know where". Wanna get your skills and talent seen by the world, holla at cha'girl at or


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