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Seven Most Important Concepts Within a Relationship We All Should Know


We all know or should know the seven most important concepts within a relationship. For those who don’t know, they are understanding, honesty, love, communication, passion, friendship, and the most important respect.

1) UNDERSTANDING: We have a life as individuals and as a couple. I’m not going to say to let your significant other stay out till whenever he/she feels, I’m saying that communication and compromise will help you understand why “space” is a must. You need the sympathy to help build a strong relationship for you and your spouse. It’s hard to compromise, but it helps to equally build a life bond. When kids are involved, compromise on who watches the child/children and who has “me time.”

2) HONESTY: I can’t speak more heavily about this concept. Ladies and gents, its not that hard to tell the truth. What are you really trying to hide? Yes, I know. I’ve kept secrets and told lies. Who hasn’t? How are we supposed to get to know each other when a lie rises each time you open your mouth? Lying about money cause financial problems on both of you. Stop it!!! If I have $20 in my pocket and rent is due, I want to be able to tell you how much I have and will place my last for a roof over my head. One thing we all go through is “who is that man/woman to you?” Ok. Look, I am not going to tell you 50 times who this person is. I’m wasting my breath. If you can’t trust me to tell you who a certain person is, why are we even together? I am a female, who doesn’t’ have very many female friends. I associate with my male friends. I barely have issues with men. Ladies, understand that a man has more women as friends then men. They go through the hatred with other men just as much as we do with females.

3) LOVE: Emotions kill the human kind. You are probably saying, “What?!” Listen. We all have emotional barriers that shouldn’t be crossed. If you feel love, why not show love, or even say the word love? Been there, done that. I hate the word too. The only reason I hate the word, and you would agree, I have been hurt in my past that I want to be able to feel love not hear you say love. Love is like glass, you break it, it is damaged for good. Once again, the cheating and lying are like hammers that will break love just like glass. Treat love as if your heart is made of glass. This goes both ways. Females and males are equally guilty of this crime. Stop it!!!

4) COMMUNICATION: Really? Need I say more? How hard is it to talk to your spouse? I want and need to know how you feel. What is bugging you? If I don’t know what is going on with you, how can I fix the problem? Pay attention to the communication between you two. It can strengthen, understand, and deepen the “love” in the relationship. Enough said.

5) PASSION: Get your mind out the flipping gutter. Sex is not the only passion. Get with it. Even though love making is an important asset, successful couples can have passion outside of sex. Vacations, dreams, and just being together is a passion.

6) FRIENDSHIP: Best advice given for a long term relationship is friendship. We all need that friend to lean on even if it is our spouse. Treat the relationship has a friendship. Have each others back. I should not have to fight with someone about you if you can not fight back with me. Enough said.

7) RESPECT: All of us need to understand that a man needs to feel like a man within the home and out of the home, and women need to have someone who will not have their self esteem lowered each time a man calls her out. Let’s be real. I will not give you respect, if you can’t respect me. I will treat you like a king, if and only if, I get treated like a queen. Once disrespect hits the fan, the relationship can not continue to grow.

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