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A candid conversation with the creators of the new show “Rap City Chronicles.”

Hey guys tell readers about your careers and how you got started in the entertainment industry?

DBrad– I was an intern for VH1 and MTV and then began my professional career with Black Entertainment Television producing Rap City the basement, I then moved on to working Network television on shows like Chappelle’s Show where I worked as Dave Chappelle’s rehearsal & filming stand in & 2nd AD as well as set PA. I learned so much from that experience. 

I worked for Saturday Night Live, American Idol, and I worked stunt unit on shows like Law and Order and Third Watch, films like Spider-Man 2 and a slew of other shows. I was also an actor a part of the negro ensemble company I was in the same class as Kerry Washington. I took a break and worked in education as well as being an author of the book BET,DBRAD&ME in 2007. I also spent a few years as a public speaker on the topic of my book being the influence of mythology and symbolism, it’s use in hip hop music & it’s intended effect on the audience.

Butta– I started in the entertainment  industry back in 96 as a assistant wardrobe stylist for the music dept at BET. I garnered recognition for my eye for storytelling, because of my background in travel I was asked to work on several shows that required extensive travel.  RAPCITY was one of those shows where I learned on the job how to become a valuable team member and storyteller.I climbed the ladder and went from PA to senior producer. 

I left BET and entered the reality TV world in 2011. My first show was the Real Housewives of Atlanta, after a season of housewives I was recruited for the 2nd season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I became known as the talent whisperer ( because of my ability to get talent to open up to me) which led to being asked by an exec producer to help with the premiere season of Black Ink Crew Chicago. After that I followed the same executive producer back to Atlanta for 2 more seasons of the housewives.After Atlanta I had some personal health issues that made me slow down from the hectic world of reality TV.

I contemplated leaving the industry as a whole but luckily DBrad reached out about the rap city chronicles and I agreed with the concept. I decided I have something to share with all the Rapcity fans.

DBrad what is it that you want the audience to walk away with after each episode?

I want the audience to walk away with a feeling of blissful fun and enjoyment.


Ray El, you also are no newbie to the entertainment biz? Tell readers about your background.

I started in the industry about 16 years old I was in Malcom x in the Fol I worked with mosDEF Redman K-Solo Sean price I was a Roadie for EPMD and most DEF I was a inmate on Oz and most recently I played a boxer in South paw and in 2007 I became a editor and cinematographer.

DBrad with the world in turmoil I feel it is important people can escape and laugh. Is this the goal of your show tp bring back that 90’s Chappelle show, Mad TV and In Living Color type vibe?

I worked on SNL & Chappelle’s Show so YES it was my intention to bring that vibe back. In Living Color is also THE major creative influence on RAPcity Chronicles Show.

What is the biggest problem in the entertainment industry in 2020 in each of your opinions?

DBradThere is no “problem” per se to ME. Only solutions.

Ray El- I think the biggest problem in the industry today have to be the influence I think that in 2020 the industry influences people more than it did  in the previous years I think that the industry lacks creativity and individuality I feel that artist do not respect the craft like the older artist do.

Butta– One of the biggest problems I feel with the industry in 2020 is being able to entertain and being socially conscientious at the same time. It is supposed to be entertainment after all, but these younger entertainers must be aware of their influence and responsibility to raise a socially astute generation.

If you could have any guest on the show who would it be and why?

DBrad– If I could have any guests on the show it would be Keenan Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans because in Living color was a major influence on how I went about adopting the sketch comedy aspect of this show and everything else about the show outside of the Rap City part.

Ray El– If I could have any guests on the show I think it would be Denzel Washington I think he’s a great actor and a master at his craft.

Butta– My ideal guest would be Common. I would love to talk to Common because he is a very socially conscience lyricist and I have always enjoyed working with him.

What advice do you have for someone trying to break into the entertainment industry?

DBrad– The advice I would give to someone breaking into the entertainment industry is to make sure that you define what success is for you before you embark on this journey.

Ray El– What advice do I have someone trying to break it I was saying no your business if you want to get in the industry know your business know how to read a standard contract do you research on percentage rates and how the game is played.

Butta– My advice to someone trying to get into the industry is to actually have a passion for the work. Its much easier to follow your passion than it is to just go to work. You will always give more to a true passion and it will always get noticed by someone who also has passion.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to be successful?

DBrad– The biggest optical I had to overcome to be successful was ME.

Ray El– The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was trust issues. People sell dreams faster than they can make something happen. I learned if I want something done I have to believe in myself and set the ground work in motion.

Butta– One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome was being an openly gay male working on the biggest Hip Hop show in the country and making sure the artist respected my authority while on set.

Where can people follow your movement?

Youtube RAPcity Chronicles

IG: rap_city_chronicles



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