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“Hailing From Atlanta,Ga(Decatur to be exact) Yung Haze is quietly but rapidly becoming the talk around town, its only a matter of time before the town becomes the nation!

Growing up in East Atlanta helped to give Yung Haze the basis of his flow, but frequently moving to different cities such as Baltimore,Houston,Richmond,Oklahoma City,and his 2nd home Shreveport,Louisiana helped to develop him into a versatile lyricist. Mixing the various styles from each region he came up with a different delivery style, while maintaining his Down South influence, and what an influence he has!

While energetic and hype onstage, Yung Haze is one of the most humble people you will meet. Giving back to his community while serving in the United States Army,Yung Haze is sure to capture the hearts,minds and ears of people of all different cultures not just the African American community. So, “Stay Tuned” while he continues on this journey!”

Hear what Yung Haze has to say about what it was like performing at the 2011 ATL Hottest Entertainment Award Show. This award show honors some of Atlanta’s hottest entertainers in a number of categories. Also get to taste a little of his humbleness as he describes the nicest thing he’s ever done for a person and what advice he gives a ten year old girl who is dreaming of being the next “hottest” rapper.

So, Yung Haze talk to your fans and let’em know a lil’sumin sumin about you and your indescribable humble demeanor.

THE HEAT: How long have you been doing music?
YUNG HAZE: I’ve been doing “music” since I was 13…started off as a musician playing 4 instruments..which eventually transitioned into producing music..I didn’t actually start rapping until I was 19.

THE HEAT: What was that thing that made you fall in love with music?
YUNG HAZE: The sense of creativity it allows me to use…music is how i speak the loudest..I express myself thru it.

THE HEAT: How did it feel performing at the ATL Hottest Awards?
YUNG HAZE: After my adrenaline calmed down a little lol….It was a good feeling, being recognized for your hard work is humbling…but it was a pretty live setting so you know I had to turn up! lol

THE HEAT: What’s the new mixtape you have out?
YUNG HAZE: My latest mixtape “Gramz Of Haze” with my new Artist @ShaunGramz is out now on It’s different from most music coming out of Atlanta but definitely stands out!

THE HEAT: Is there a single?
YUNG HAZE: As of right now, myself I am pushing the track “Who Wit It” , while Gramz is pushing his new single “Swagg It Out“.

THE HEAT: Advise a ten year old girl on her dream of becoming a superstar rapper some day. What advice would you give her towards her dreams?
YUNG HAZE: Don’t let anyone tell her she can’t do it…whatever a man can be successful at she can too…to stay focused..and ignore negativity..and she’ll be on the right track.

THE HEAT: What’s the worst advice anyone has ever given you since you’ve been doing music?
YUNG HAZE: To change “How” I did it…I’ll just say I’m glad I didn’t listen! lol

THE HEAT: What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone?
YUNG HAZE: I was headed to a show one night when I came across a 16yr old kid on his way home who had a flat tire downtown,he said he’d been asking people for help for almost an hour, but no one would help him change I pushed everything back,& helped out…I couldn’t leave the little homie stranded!

THE HEAT: Describe yourself in one word.
YUNG HAZE: Indescribable!

THE HEAT: If you have one wish to come true at this very moment, and money wasn’t an object, what would that wish be?
YUNG HAZE: For my family to be happy, never have to stress over anything…long as my fam is taken care of that’s the only wish I’d need.

THE HEAT: Any shout outs or anybody you just want to say “thank you” to?
YUNG HAZE: You know normally when you start giving shout-outs people get upset if you miss their name ha,ha,ha so I’ll just say…everybody who knows they got their hand in the movement I appreciate them! But Nik I have to give a shout out to you and “The Heat” for showing a brother some love. Thanks for this opportunity. As I’ve heard you say on other occasions, “It’s getting “HOT” at The HEAT“!
THE HEAT: I couldn’t have said it better!

One of the hardest working women in the Entertainment business today! From Music Video Producer to Script Writer to Author to Personal Life Coaching to now Senior Editor Entertainment and New Artist for The Heat, this girls got game! If it's worth working on, she's on it! Talented, Intelligent, and Sexy, yeah, you get it all in her! You got a story to tell, she has an ear to listen and the skills to put the pen to paper! "I see your lips moving but ain't nothing coming out! Shut-up and start walking, talking gets you know where". Wanna get your skills and talent seen by the world, holla at cha'girl at or


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