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HEAT: Like I always say, “it’s getting hot at “The Heat”. You’ve been around to see the ups and downs of Blues music and even to see the new Southern Soul genre sprout up. Would you say “Blues” music is on a decline as Southern Soul is on an incline?
EALEY: Blues is definitely growing. Southern Soul is a genre of music that somebody came up with that’s not true Blues. Blues will forever be. Blues music is more alive now because of artist as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, they learned to play real ‘Blues’ which crossed ‘blues’ music over to the white audience. At a traditional blues festival, you’ll find yourself among thousands and thousands of people. I would say, “Blues” is better off now than it’s ever been. I’m not a Southern Soul artist, I’m a soulful Blues man.
HEAT: And a great one at that.
EALEY: I think what has happened is with the age of new technology, it made it much more easier for a person to come up with a beat and to put together a record. But those records don’t have true instruments playing to feel the soul of ‘blues’. Those people are able to make a record in a day. To me it takes longer to compose true ‘blues’ sound and originality than in a day or even a week. I haven’t put a full length album out since 2006 because when I put another one out I want it to be the best of my ability to give great ‘blues’ music.
HEAT: So how are the sales with “Blues” artist?

EALEY:  The bootlegger is hurting us bad. They can take my number one song off my album, then they do the same with Sir Charles, Latimore, Shirley Brown, Mel Waiters, and Bobby”Blue” Bland and put them all on one CD and call it a mix CD and stand on a corner and sale it for $3-$5 bucks. Whereas when Eric Clapton and Tommy Castro put out a new record, the white people go to the store or online and buy it to hear it.
HEAT: So, that’s killed record sales would you say?
EALEY: Of course! We used to have the mom and pop record stores in the neighborhood to help push our music but they couldn’t survive with the guys in streets selling burned CD’s.
HEAT: Your record, “Stand Up In It” debuted #4 on the Billboard Blues Chart in 2004, this was right at the turn of people starting to burn CD’s. Did this affect your sales then as well?
EALEY: Yeah, that’s the Bible of Music, the Billboards. That record stayed on the charts for ten weeks at #4. That year, the WC Handy Awards, a prominent name in the ‘Blues’ who’s who, didn’t even nominate me. And even though I’m a member there was no recognition for my success because the record wasn’t selling good enough. Maybe if I’d known the right people, that would have helped.
HEAT: So it’s true, it’s all about who you know and not what you know.
EALEY: Yes it is. But “Stand Up In It” pushed through the crevasses of all that and made its mark on the charts.
HEAT: What advice can you leave us with as a legend in “Blues”?
EALEY: Be successful as an original Blues artist, always play what you feel, what YOU like, don’t play what you think the people want. There’s millions out there that sound like you do, just be true to yourself. Also I have a new album coming out. It’s gonna feature duets with my dear and good friends Lacee and Shirley Jones, (Jones Sisters) and also my friend Willie Hill and some good old nasty blues. “Stand Up In It” was what the lil’old lady told me, I have one on this album with what the lil’old lady’s man told me. He told me a story about his best friend “Dick” died. (we laugh) The title of that new album is called, “You and I Together” on IF GAM Records, which stands for, “I Feel Good About Myself”.
HEAT: Now that’s going to be one to hear. I can’t wait. I appreciate having this great time with you today. And I can testify, you definitely “feel good about yourself”.

EALEY: Thank you Nik, it’s be a ball. And thanks to all my many fans that have supported me throughout my career. The fans make it worth the work.

Well there you have it from the “Guitar Man” himself. If you love you some Theodis Ealey, go to and cast your vote for him in the 2012 Jus Blues Music Awards.

Much Love! One Love!
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