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What No One tells you about being The Nicest

Coming up in the city of sauce and syrup as a rapper isn’t easy, but “Lil Pat The Nicest” is up for the task. Houston is emerging as a NEW Mecca for Hip-hop in this ever-growing and evolving culture, and artists like “Lil Pat The Nicest” are solidifying their beloved city in the rap pages of history.

One might wonder how to be The Nicest, and the answer is not an easy one to find. We are talking intricate flow patterns, bars mixed with good hood stories, topped with double entendres, and dripping with Houston’s own sauce. This is what encompasses being labeled as The Nicest. Fresh off of an east coast-based tour with RiffRaff & 2Stoned, “Lil Pat The Nicest” had performed his hit single “Lil Patrick” in 13 cities. Recently securing a management deal, this Dead-End native left a piece of ‘the H’ behind in Memphis, Atlanta, and Dallas in 2021. He has dropped 4 projects since 2019 when he released his initial project PreGame. His sophomore project entitled 1st Quarter displayed his hit-making ability with the single ‘Can’t Live without it.’ In 2021 “Lil Pat The Nicest” dropped 2 projects- one a collaboration with artist YR the Hardest, and earlier in the year the 1st Quarter Deluxe. The 1st Quarter Deluxe houses 2 hit singles; Lil Patrick & Night Stand.

 The latter part of 2021 has been busy for “Lil Pat The Nicest” – performing live on Shade45 and opening up for RiffRaff. Having The Nicest flow in your city, will take you into ciphers, onto big stages, and land you on the 1s & 2s of the

city’s working DJs and DJ coalitions looking to break new dope artists. ‘Lil Patrick’ is currently in rotation on 11 stations across the country, and the video has over 200k views on YouTube & the popular @SaycheeseTv platform. “Lil Pat The Nicest” is not just Hip-Hop bars, but fashion as well. He has launched his “The Nicest” clothing line that includes T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and sweatbands. At the top of 2022 look for the new single from “Lil Pat The Nicest” featuring artist Bfb Da Packman, which includes dope visuals and a true Htown Vibe. He will be dropping 20 exclusive NFT’S in the first part of 2022- as being The Nicest means growing with the culture, as well as helping shape it.
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