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Welcome to Generation 6! [UPDATE]

Pokemon Gen 6

This morning the president of Nintendo of Japan released a video that not only recapped and gave us all some background on the past pokemon installments, but also announced two brand new games in the main series that have been dubbed Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Now this is nothing new. The pokemon games have always been released in pairs. Usually this means that there are certain pokemon that are only obtainable in each version. This encourages players to get together with other players that have the alternate version and trade pokemon. Also in later games paired titles have has slightly altered stories.


What is new? Full 3D environments, pokemon sprites and characters! Since the day I played Pokemon Snap I have wanted a legit 3D pokemon adventure. There have been other 3D pokemon games like the Pokemon Stadium games but that was all about battling; no real adventure to be had, and Pokemon Colosseum had both 3D battles and adventuring but both the world and pokemon selection were extremely restricting. I often thought to myself: Is it really so much to ask for a full 3D Pokemon game? After gen 3 I had started to lose interest in the series and after I saw gen 5 wasn’t in full 3D I had started to lose hope. Then I saw the gen 6 teaser trailer with my own eyes. Environments, pokemon, characters, battles, everything  in full 3D! Pokemon X and Y seem to have much more to offer than other previous installments.

The games have the same look and feel as the DS remakes of the Final Fantasy games a few years back. This is all just speculation from what I interpreted from the trailer and I will update as more information is revealed.








I would like to thank Nintendo and Gamefreak for finally taking some of my advice and making a 3D pokemon game. Now we need to have a talk about a new battle system… I’ll save that for another time though.




The new legendary pokemon featured in the new games are named Xerneas and Yveltal

James Arledge
James Arledgehttp://youtube.com/good2knowgames
James is a passionate gamer and artist. He attended ITT Technical Institute and received an Associates Degree in Graphic Design, which led him to get an internship with The Heat Magazine as a Graphic Designer. His passion for gaming has led him to create and take the title of Editor-in-Chief of good2knowgames on the world's premiere video platform, You Tube. The video game industry is rapidly growing and that is something James strives to continue to be an integral part of, for many years to come.


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