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Talking about on fire! Monday Night Live at Wings Cafe in Macon, GA is off the chain! It’s the place to be if you think what you have to spit on the mic is worth listening to. Industry personnel is on hand to judge the talent and critique the obvious to help each and every artist tighten their game.

Monday, October 24, 2011 VLow rocked the house! It was a long grueling evening and the talent sheet was full to the brim with artist as , Mayham & Queen B, Big Tim w/Fat Boy, Butch, Chambers, Drop 1, Dre Black, Pimp Revelation, Whitney, Shag Boy, Big Shock, Swag City, Finesse, and I can’t forget the performance by Wolfe! Wolfe stepped on stage and everyone in the house was at attention to see what this kid was gonna do. And believe me when I tell you, he DID IT! Everyone was on the edge of their seats to see if Wolfe would be the new Monday Night Live winner, taking the torch from the three week contender Mayham. But just as the evening was winding down and the last of the best was preparing to take the stage, the judges got wowed by the lyrical crowd pleasing rhymes of VLow! That Monday Night Live was taken by a storm when VLow took the stage and performed songs from his mixtape “The Hangman”. But when he performed his hit single, “Ahh’Shitt” the crowd went wild. VLow had the crowd and the judges on the floor and singing his hook, “Ahh’Shitt”.

Yo’girl Nik-O-Licious was in the house and let me tell you, VLow entertained, performed, and stole the show! After the performance Nik had a minute to vibe with VLow and here’s what he had to share about his mixtape “The Hangman”, his single, “Ahh’Shitt”, and what’s next to happen in his musical career.

THE HEAT: So what’s happening, what it do?
VLOW: I’m checking in from MacTown, westside, Bellevue is the area. Loving everything I do. If you check my music you’ll see I always stand firm. I’ve been doing music since 1998. I first went in the studio in 2001 with the Cadillac Boys, they produced my first album, featuring So Sick So Safe, a former rapper from right here in Macon. I have the “Hangman” album, from the mixtape coming soon. Right now I’m pushing my single, “Ahh’Shitt” as you can see everybody feeling it. You can catch me here at Monday Night Live doing my thing on stage, as well as, I do a lot of performing around Atlanta, Macon, Warner-Robins, Fort Valley and any place else that will let me spit on the mic.
THE HEAT: So you are the winner of Monday Night Live tonight, what does that feel like?
VLOW: It’s really cool, especially having people like The Heat, Todd from V103, and Rein as judges, people who can give advice on where to go and how to get things jumped off and moving in the right direction to help VLow be a greater success. Although it’s not the first time I’ve won Monday Night Live, it is the first time I finally get to meet you, Nik-O-Licious, making moves in the ATL. It feels good to me, really good tonight!
THE HEAT: “Ahh’Shitt” rocked the house tonight, where did you come up with that title?
VLOW: Just basically the things that go on in the average person’s life everyday. So much bullshit we have to go through today that makes you say “Ahh’Shitt”. Some people have to make themselves get up and go to work, they say, “Ahh’Shitt”. You go through shit wit’yo ol’lady you say, “Ahh’Shitt”. You go though shit with your family members trying to take advantage of you and they damn sure make you say, “Ahh’Shitt”. If a person pay attention to the concept of the song and not just the hook but the rhymes of the verses they’ll feel exactly where I’m coming from. So many people be talking but really ain’t saying shit, not establishing nothing but got words coming out their mouths, they damn sure make you say, “Ahh’Shitt”.
THE HEAT: “Ahh’Shitt”…(we burst out laughing) So tell us a lil sumin sumin about your mixtape/CD “The Hangman”.
VLOW: That CD has a lot of cultural songs on it. It’s rap but it’s related to whoever has the ears and the mentality to relate to everything I’m saying. It’s not about one topic, one genre, one neighborhood, one type of rap music, it’s about all type of people in general. It’s about one generation to another generation. The reason I labeled it “The Hangman” is because it’s a lot of characters from around my area, I can’t speak on all the rappers, but it’s a lot of them from the 478 that do a lot of rapping about what they are, what they got, what they do, and what they gone do, and mostly about what they have done, but they don’t have no proof about none it. But me, everything I rap about, I got the proof. So if you step in the booth with VLow and you can’t prove what you’re rapping about, I’m gone hang you. It’s as simple as that. That’s where the “Hangman” came from.
THE HEAT: What do you want people to think of most when they think of VLow?
VLOW: One Hundred Percent real! Just real. Real cool and low key. That’s what the Low stands for, all I do is chill. A real chill character. Real about everything he says.
THE HEAT: What’s next on the hot plate for VLow?
VLOW: Whatever life brings. Whatever that’s good in God’s sight and it comes my way that’s what’s next. I can never say what’s coming next, I just go as it go.
THE HEAT: Before we let you get back to the party, you have any shout outs?
VLOW: Yeah, I wanna give a big shout out to my boy T-Uno, all the dudes in the A that’s on their grind. My nigga BGreen from DTE, all my niggas on their grind in the 478 and without a doubt to Nik-O-Locious and “The HEAT” for bringing attention to cats like myself and so many others like me out here on our grind getting it done. We need people like you to put us out there and help put us in the places we need to b. Over here in the 478 we got it going on, fo’show!

So if you have what it takes to wow the crowd and you know you are the shit, then Monday Night Live is the place for you to prove it.

So what are you doing Monday Night? I’ll be at Monday Night Live at Wings Cafe in Macon, GA…2822 Bloomfield Drive.
Don’t meet us there, BEAT us there! The performances begin promptly at 10PM be early to get your name on the list!

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT”
Damn it’s so dang gone HOT in here! LOLOLOLOL

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