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Up and Coming Designers Featuring: Kim Bell Creator of “Tinker”


Kim Bell is a Student earning her undergraduates degree in Textile and apparel design and marketing(fashion). Kim Bell is from Memphis Tennessee and has been a seamstress for 5 years. Though she is only twenty years old, in this short time, she has accomplished a great deal in the fashion industry as well as her major. Bell has been featured in Jet magazine, Created her own clothing line by the name of “Tinker and is the face of a clothing franchise (Dime1one).  Even though Bell is a very busy young lady, she took time to let us (The Heat) interview her.
Shai Rell of The Heat: What sparked your intrest in fashion?
Kim Bell: Fashion is an art it’s always growing and changing like me. Every since the tenth grade, I looked at clothes and been able to pinpoint what I could do to make them better. When I got a sewing machine… it was a done deal! I mean I was making clothes like crazy. People started to notice what I was doing and actually liked it. With all this praise and attention i just keept working and thinking of new ideas. I went from turning all my pants into skinny jeans in 07” to having my own clothing line in 2010. Pepole see me and want to dress like me. I would say I inspire people. A lot of girls see what i wear and want to “buy it off me”  so I decided to give the people what they want and Tinkers is the product

Shai Rell of The Heat: What do you call your pieces?
Kim Bell: “The name of my clothing line is “Tinker”.
Shai Rell of The Heat: Why the name “Tinker”?
Kim Bell: “It’s a funny story actually. At my university I was a part of a modeling team Called Twisted Kreations… so to show homage I took the “T” the “K’ and a few other letters to create “Tinker.” Shout out to Twisted Kreations”
Shai Rell of The Heat: How would you describe the style of the clothing?
Kim Bell: “Tinker is a cross between a tom boy and Nicki Minaj. Even though the name might throw you off a little.. let me explain, Tinker is for that girl who isn’t stuck up and prissy.. Its for that girl who’s just chill.  It’s kind of grungy and dirty.. but its sexy at the same time.”  something like what Teyana Taylor would wear.
Shai rell of the Heat: Do you like what you do?
Kim Bell: Yeah, I love what I do. It is an expression of my whole life. Tinker and captures my essecence. My clothes mean a lot to me. Through fashion, I can make my dreams a reality.”
Shai Rell of The Heat: What do you plan to do when you finish school and what are your plans for “Tinker”?
Kim Bell: “When I ‘m done with school will intern with and work for a fortune 500 company. By working for a large company or retailer I will gain enough experience to launch and market “Tinker” on a mass scale.
Shai Rell of the Heat: How can you be contacted?
Kim Bell: you can follow me on twitter @ jadeyourmajesty or email me at for more information.



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