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The Elephant is in the room

What kind of Brotha takes a Sistah’s heart and watches it tear piece by piece like confetti? The same kind that rips it piece by piece as if was confetti. What kind of Sistah allows that Brotha to tear and rip her heart to pieces. The kind that loves him so much that she doesn’t want to admit that her heart has been thrown up in the air in pieces like confetti at a party. The kind that won’t admit that her heart has been played with. This is the kind of Sistah that’s in denial, the kind that wants what she thinks they have so bad that she closes her eyes to the very thing that’s obvious…. The elephant in the room. This Sistah walks around it, looks around it, over it, and under it but still won’t admit that it’s in the room. She may even ride this elephant from room to room as if it was a high tide coming in from the Zambia River. She’s in a beautiful place in her mind, a place like the Cape Town or a Botswana Safari, Kruger, Victoria Falls or Tanzania, however, she’s really in a concrete jungle. A place where she has imprisoned herself just because she wants what looks good and what feels good from time to time.
So this Sistah is not bad. She’s not one that’s naïve nor is she stupid, she just wants to be loved by the right Brotha. Everyone deserves to be happy in life, why can’t she? Why can’t she have a peaceful, blissful, beautiful relationship with a person who vows to protect her, support her, guide her, provide for her? At least that’s what he told her. Yet, there’s the elephant in the room. Is this elephant an African elephant? Is it one that is so big that it squeezes you as you walk around it to get to the next spot in the room? Can’t you feel the pressure of this elephant pressing against your diaphragm making it hard for you to breathe? You can’t breathe in the love that you want so desperately to have. Isn’t this elephant in your walking space? Aren’t you having trouble moving your legs because the body of this elephant is so huge that it pains you to even try to step around it? You can’t step into love. Your arms are not wide nor long enough to go around this elephant to reach the unreachable so you strain muscles in your arm trying to grab what you think is at your fingertips but you can’t grab the love that you think is right there. It has gotten difficult to see the love you thought you had. The elephant has started to gain weight, being fed lies, denial, disappointments, and it has gotten larger and larger in the room, now you can’t even see around it. The only thing you can see is this elephant and that’s not what you want to look at. You’re trying your best to ignore the very thing in front of you and look past it but now it has begun to stress your vision. This elephant has got to be removed but how? Who’s gonna be strong enough to do so? Will the Brotha, who’s the Lion of the relationship, man up and take on responsibility by doing what’s right? Will he decide that game time is over, he has played enough with the Sistah’s heart and be the king he was ordained to be and move the elephant? Will he come clean and correct and for once, be transparent and remove the elephant? Or will it be the Sistah? Will she realize that the game has come to an end, she should take her loss and move around and out of the presence of the elephant? Since she is the Lioness, and it’s her duty to feed the Lion, will she feed him the love of leaving? Who’s going to process the situation? Who’s going to right what has gone wrong? Who’s gonna be the one to remove the elephant?
The elephant has to be removed. Both parties know it’s there. The Brotha gave access for it to come in and fed it while it stayed, the Sistah on the other hand knows it’s there but too uncertain in having it removed. The elephant has caused the oxygen in the room to drop tremendously. The walls seems to be closing in and there is no room to move, breathe and now have your own being. The Sistah begins to be a part of the elephant as well as the Brotha. He has become a part of the elephant too. There are no winners in this game. Both has been swallowed by the acts of the Elephant in the room.



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