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[LYRIC VIDEO]Temperance Lancecouncil – “My Restraining Order (Won’t Do)”|@LanceCouncil

The “My Restraining Order (Won’t Do)” Singer, Temperance Lancecouncil, says Depp v. Heard ‘Restraining Order’ Disclosure has Increased Her Streams and Views 

Singer-songwriter Temperance Lancecouncil says that since the court disclosure in the highly-publicized, worldwide televised trial, the ex-Mrs. Johnny Depp filed a restraining order against him. Her song, “My Restraining Order (Won’t Do),” has seen a staunch increase in streams and views. “Like any singer, I did post the song on my social media with the appropriate hashtags, so I can’t say that I’m totally surprised, but I believe the sensational Depp/Heard televised case has a great deal to do with the sudden increase in streams and views,” said Temperance Lancecouncil, the song’s lyricist and singer. “As an independent artist, I’m trying to promote the song and a few bloggers have written about it. I’m guessing that’s because it’s a trial-related song and the trial has garnered international attention. It could also be that it’s a female empowerment song, but the lyrics are applicable to anyone who has endured relationship trauma,” Lancecouncil explains. She also thinks maybe some algorithm may have had a hand in it.  Furthermore, she states:  “Any ardent fan of the Investigation Discovery or ID channel knows that there are plenty of cases in which the abuse roles are reversed.”  

“It’s taken me years to recover, but a song critic in America and the United Kingdom both has said the song is uplifting and inspiring. That was good to hear.”

The Southern-born, nitty-gritty vocalist says that while she’s thrilled that her song is getting the attention, she feels sad for both parties in the trial. “I’ve been an actress in the Hollywood game and it’s just brutal all around, and then dealing with a toxic relationship can sometimes be more than one can handle. Hollywood marriages do have a hard time surviving.” She goes on to say, “I did a little research and discovered that several actors and singers have filed such orders or vice versa. I sing about this issue from a deep place in my soul, which comes out in the song. I just hope the song helps others, because it’s a traumatizing thing to go through, and it can affect all genders.” The lyricist opines that while she’s totally pleased with all of the streaming analytics, she remains somber about the particulars in the Depp v. Heard case and hopes they can both fully recover, career-wise, as well as emotionally. Connect with Temperance Lancecouncil on her website, all social media, and digital music platforms.  “My Restraining Order (Won’t Do)”  is available on all streaming platforms and the lyric video is on YouTube.














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