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SPECIAL FEATURE: Inside The Life Of Teen Sensation “Teezy” (Tragedy to Triumph)

The Heat Magazine: How did you get into rap?

Teezy: It seemed as if rap found me, after my pops died I had no way of expressing myself and I felt as if rap was the best way of doing that and my “Uncle Devious” paved the way.

The Heat Magazine: What inspired you to create Show Me How?

Teezy: After seeing the fans on vine and twitter, I figured Ishould give them what they want! Also, as a tribute to my father.

The Heat Magazine: What musical
artists inspire you?

Teezy: Meek Mill, one of the few artists I can relate to.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your favorite New Orleans dish?

Teezy: My favorite dish had to be seafood pasta with Louisiana fried chicken.

The Heat Magazine: You seem like a family guy and you have a comedian type sense of humor, how important is family and fun?

Teezy: All I can say is, inspiration. I would’ve never known that a vine video would take you to the next level like this, joking with the family is where it all starts and your family is always your first audience.

The Heat Magazine: I understand you loss your father, how does he motivate you musically and as a young man living in New Orleans?

Teezy: The loss of my father is the biggest motivation to finish school, follow my dreams and just to get my family out of the “hood”.

The Heat Magazine: Your single is on iTunes and seems to have good support, what else can we expect from you in the future?

Teezy: No one knows what the future holds. Later on you guys can be expecting a few singles and hopefully a mixtape or an album. Hard work pays off!

The Heat Magazine: What do you want to say to your friends and upcoming artists your age about dreams and faith!

Teezy: I would like to say that dreams do come true, I’m currently following my dream still. Keep the faith and it’ll bring you a long way! Grandmas prayers do work.

The Heat Magazine: You have a strong bond with your mother Kawanda, tell the Heat Magazine about how she inspires you!

Teezy: My mother, she inspires me the greatest, all of the fussing and the lectures were only words of encouragement. It taught me, and still is currently teaching me the values of becoming a successful young man! My mom is one of the strongest, if not the strongest woman I know. Raising me on her own for over 10 years and now has to do it until I’ve reached the stage of a man. I love you mom!

Dion Norman is a professional music artist/journalist from Louisiana. Norman is an urban music enthusiast and has been writing since the mid 90s. He is also a stakeholder in the newly found New Orleans Union For Entertainment which is a new resource provider for New Orleans artists and businesses as well as a collective. For more information, feel free to email him at itsdevious@yahoo.com


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