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The Heat Magazine and Nik-O-Licious had the distinct pleasure to get Adrena to pause in her busy schedule to tell us a little something about what she’s been up to and what she expects of her career in the future. Turn up the volume and get ready to Par-Tay! That’s the mood Adrena puts you in the moment you hear her strong vocals and the rhythm of her sound! We welcome “Adrena”!

The Heat: I’m a Mississippi girl so I know all about that Southern Soul. One of the things I really like about this project was the title of the CD, “Thoughts of a Woman”. Tell our readers how did you come up with it?
Adrena: Well at the time I was going through a terrible toxic relationship and as you probably know, all relationships aren’t all bad and they aren’t all good. I was thinking a lot of things about that relationship and sometime scared to say anything. So I decided to just put it down on paper and that’s how I came up with “Thoughts of a Woman”.
The Heat: Yes we do go through a lot of toxic relationships, especially women, and we would like to think it goes on mostly in our (black) culture but it’s all over the place.
Adrena: They are Universal, very universal.
The Heat: What’s the feeling you get when you’re on stage?
Adrena: I can’t explain that natural high! It’s such a natural feeling that comes over me. It’s like nothing is wearing me down. I can just let loose and be me. I can let everything out on stage. I can even be somebody that I’m not…it’s an amazing feeling.
The Heat: Fantastic! That sounds like a place for me except I’m a “shower artist”. I could never do what you do and make it seem so easy. Peggy Scott Adams is a legend in the Southern Soul genre known as the “Little Lady with the Big Voice”. Scott’s career dates back to the 60’s but she was rediscovered by Jimmy Lewis in 1996, so I guess saying she’s a legend is an understatement. But you’ve had the opportunity to rock-the-mic on stage with her. Tell us what that was like.
Adrena: That was awesome! Peggy gave me my start. I started singing background for her in 2001. That was when I first realized, “Wow! This is where I really need to be, on stage”! I was comfortable singing background but I knew one day that I would be out front. It was just a lovely feeling singing with her.
The Heat: What about another legend, T.K. Soul. A former keyboard player with the group, H-town, you’ve also had the opportunity to bring the audience to their feet alongside T.K., what was that like?
Adrena: I’ve done a lot of shows with T.K. When he would come to our town and surrounding areas I was always on the show with him. It was just a pleasure to share the stage with him. He’s an awesome performer. And he’s a fabulous entertainer.
The Heat: When I listen to your song, “So Addicted” I wonder if you wrote that to a particular someone or about a particular something?
Adrena: That song was written for my “big boned sisters”. I was with a guy but he always wanted to keep me in the background because I’m a brown skin girl and thick. But he wanted to keep the light skin girl out front…(you have to see the video to understand). Society always puts stipulations on being beautiful. But as a woman, we’re all beautiful in our own way. That song was about me and this man, whom I was addicted to his love but he wasn’t too addicted to mine, other than in the bedroom. It’s a sad story, but true. I told you, toxic relationships…(she laughs hard).
The Heat: Most people say their true story songs are written in like five minutes and are their biggest hits. Is this the case with “So Addicted”.
Adrena: Ohhh, Yeah!!! Didn’t take no time to write it and lay it down…(she laughs again)
The Heat: I got one I’m going to have to shoot over there to you later today called, “Go Get Yo’Shit”
Adrena: (we burst out laughing understanding the feeling) I know that’s right! Send it on.
The Heat: I’m really feeling “Foot Loose”. Makes you wanna get up and cut up…
Adrena: Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! That is my release song! Letting go of everything. Letting go of that bad marriage. Letting go of what people have to say about me. You know Nik, EVERYTHING! That’s my Foot Loose and Fancy Free song!
The Heat: Girl I know what you mean. That’s about to be my national anthem right there. I’m dancing to it now.
Adrena: Hey! Yes indeed girl..Foot Loose! We worry about what people say about us so many times, but I’ve learned that a reputation is what people think about you and integrity, but when you’re alone, that’s who you really are. So I’m like whatever you have to say is fine, I’m still “Foot Loose” and fancy free.
The Heat: Just like water on a ducks back, just roll right on off…
Adrena: Right…exactly.
The Heat: So there’s a lot of up and coming artist trying to be the next Adrena, what advice can you give them?
Adrena: Keep God first #1! Don’t be afraid to go through the trials because on the other side there is something awesome waiting on you. Just don’t stop, just go through. You will go through them, but on the other side of the trials, you’ll be all right.
The Heat: So what would you like to see now happen in your career?
Adrena: My first CD was about my trials and tribulations but this time around I want to do something different. I want to take my career to another level and just talk about love. That’s what’s missing these days people don’t talk enough about love. They’ve stopped falling in love. I want to talk about love and the good stuff…the good stuff. Relationships make the world go around. And I think music is very vital to relationships. Good “Music” can just change the world. Get you in the right mood. Good music can soothe the soul.
The Heat: And you certainly have some Good ,Good music Adrena. So what’s next for you?
Adrena: What’s next for me is another hot CD album coming up! I’m in the studio right now. They working me. I’m always on my grind.
The Heat: Well Adrena, we’re so thankful that you came to share with The Heat your great Southern Soul sounds.
Adrena: Thank you. You guys are opening doors to help take Southern Soul to people who hasn’t been able to experience the greatness of what we do in the South. I thank you and The Heat Magazine for realizing there is more music that’s going on in the world. We need love too. I also want to thank all my fans, my supporters, my family, and all the people that help make this project a success! My manager Quentin Nelson, I want to thank him for coordinating this interview with The Heat Magazine. You guys are really holding it down and spreading the word world wide! Thanks so much Nik for this great opportunity.

The Heat recognizes true talent and Adrena is definitely talented. We can’t wait to hear her next CD, but right now we’re going to keep jamming to “Thought’s of a Woman” and we invite you to check her out and show her some love. We’re counting on you Heat supporters! Click on a song and enjoy!
01 Foot Loose
05 So Addicted
Ck out Adrena So Addicted Video on YouTube!
Much Love! One Love!
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