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R&B Sensation Tawana Lael graced us with a chit chat on her recent release CD. Those of you in the ATL are probably familiar with her from performances at the Heritage Festival at Underground Atlanta, The Centennial Park, and ShowTime Atlanta, hosted by 107.9 morning show host, Rickey Smiley. Although life for this talented artist has had its share of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, Tawana Lael held her own. Her success story is one to read for anyone who is struggle with the perseverance and determination to make it in the music industry. So sit back and relax and get to know the brilliant mind behind the woman; Tawana Lael.

The Heat: You know your name is very unique.
TL: I thought it would be perfect for my stage name. My stage last name is actually my middle name.
The Heat: So Let’s talk about where you’re coming to us from?
TL: I’m originally from New York. I migrated to Atlanta about six years ago.
The Heat: You started your career as a Police Officer; tell us how a police officer goes singer.
TL: Actually I was a singer, who became a Police Officer to survive.
The Heat: That apparently wasn’t working out to good for you.
TL: It wasn’t, but fortunately I was able to retire early which was a good thing.
The Heat: Tell us a little bit about Tawana Lael.
TL: I’m a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer. I’ve done several off Broadway plays in New York and I plan on doing some more while in Atlanta. I did my first CD last year entitled, “Journey To Love” and put it on my independent label, K.Y.D.A. Entertainment. It’s doing well, it’s a little slow because I’m an independent artist, but hopefully with people like The Heat Magazine that gives us a little sound bit that allows us to be heard by different people it will continue to grow. It takes people like you to help keep the engine going.
The Heat: Tell us about the single, “Journey to Love” which is also the Title of the CD.
TL: I came up with the title because of what I actually wanted the CD to talk about. I had to think about it and I said this journey of mine, I’ve had bad relationships and now I’m in a wonderful relationship, was a journey to share. So it’s been a journey and throughout all my situations, my ups and my downs God has carried me through. “Journey to Love” is an inspirational song that I dedicate to God carrying me through all my trials and tribulations.
The Heat: Wow beautiful. So when was it when you feel in love with music?
TL: Ooo, as long as I can remember. I’ve been singing all my life. Initially I was a dancer, I went to Alvin Ailey Dance School, and I sang in the choir, so I’ve always been singing but dancing was my first love.
The Heat: How old were you when you started Alvin Ailey?
TL: I was thirteen.
The Heat: Do you come from a family of singers?
TL: I don’t, surprising so.
The Heat: I was reading where you became a mother early in life, at eighteen. When that happened to you, did you see that as being a stepping stone for you to put your career on the side?
TL: Well what happened when I got pregnant my parents obviously didn’t agree with it so they kind of like threw up their hands, so I was left out there to make it on my own. I decided, I wanted to sing, but I needed to take care of this child, so I had to get a job. That’s why I became a Police Officer. The benefits were wonderful as well. I didn’t think about it like that. All I thought about was taking care of my daughter. I tried to go to school at the same time but it was too much. I wanted to be a MOM. I didn’t want to put her off on someone else. I wanted to be the mom.
The Heat: We also know a lil sumin sumin about that XFactor audition…(she laughs out loud) Share with us that experience.
TL: I audition for the XFactor, out there for hours. It’s not the kind of thing that’s for me because of the environment they put you in during the wait process. That is ridiculous. I didn’t make it through because they were apparently looking for certain things. The audition process was horrible. Did I think I was good enough to compete on XFactor, “of course”! But I don’t think they give everyone the chance they deserve. I mean we were out there for hours in the cold. Just wasn’t a great experience.
The Heat: So in your career thus far, have you had the opportunity to get on stage with anyone you’ve ever dreamed of singing with?
TL: Yeah, actually I was on stage with India Arie, which was a treat. (she giggles shyly). We did a play together entitled, “A Black Girl’s Song”, in Atlanta.
The Heat: When I listen to your music I can hear some Jill Scott, Angie Stone, a little guitar girl, India Arie, are these the artist that inspire you to do what you do?
TL: I love all the artist you just mentioned. However; I grew up listen to Stephanie Mills, Aretha Franklin, Patty Label, Phylis Hyman, those are the artist I kind of mirrored myself from. Whitney Houston, she was like my all time favorite. She was one of my major idols. Jennifer Hudson, I love her. Her voice is awesome.
The Heat: As far as the future, what are you looking to get accomplished with your career?
TL: Well, what I really want to do is get major distribution for K.Y.D.A. Entertainment release, “Journey To Love”, and obviously sale more CD’s. I want to do some film and t.v…I am an actress, but I kind of put it to the side to complete this project, but I would love to do more acting.
The Heat: Girl you busy. Do you want an artist deal?
TL: I don’t want an artist deal. An artist deal will take away some of my authority. I want to keep that. But I do want a major record label to offer me a distribution deal. There’s a difference in being successful and being famous. You can be famous and be broke. But if you’re successful it speaks for itself.
The Heat: What can we look for to come from K.Y.D.A. Entertainment blazing artist, Twana Leal in the near future? Are you working on a new CD now?
TL: I am looking for new music, but I feel “Journey to Love” still has a lot of life left in it. It hasn’t exhausted its life yet. Some people still haven’t heard it so I want to promote it some more and get it out there to the masses. A lot of people say it’s hard to sale R&B, saying you gotta sing pop or be a teenager in order to sale music. But I’ve heard grownups tell me, “wow thanks for bringing good music back”. So there’s a void, a gap, that needs to be filled and not enough of us doing it.
The Heat: Well, we know when we hear your music; we know that R&B still has hope, that’s for sure.
TL: That makes me feel so good because everything came from my heart. The music inspired me and I’m hoping it inspires someone else that’s in the same situation I was in, going through a bad relationship, whether the guy is physically, emotionally, or spiritually abusing her. I can get out of this game. I don’t have to be here but I want to be an inspiration to, especially, young women who don’t think they have no place to go.
The Heat: So what’s your favorite off the CD.
TL: Journey to Love, I Love Your Moves, It’s Over, Plan B, Close the Door…that sounds like the entire CD…(she laughs).
The Heat: Well Tawana, you are an amazing singer and performer. You are bringing about that gap we need to be filled. But we’re glad you took a moment to share your life with The Heat Magazine.
TL: God blesses me in such a way that I just stay humble. I encourage everyone to keep their dreams alive. Do your thang! I appreciate you so much for taking the time out to do this interview. I really appreciate it and I hope your viewers enjoy the music.

Tawana Lael, you are truly an inspiration to us here at The Heat Magazine. Kudos, to the success you’ve brought in your life and we look to see more of your soulful R&B in the days ahead.

Much Love! One Love!’
Feel “The Heat”

To learn more about Tawana Leal and to get your copy of “Journey to Love” log on to, Or to see more footage of her performances, check her out on YouTube.

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