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Introducing the stage killer, extraordinary, beautiful, and ever so talented, LoiS “LS” Lane. For over a decade now, the once known, “Lady Shawn” has evolved and brings critical acclaim to the title, “Indie Artist”. She’s not just a show “opener” but definitely a crowd “pleaser”! It’s easy to listen to her sultry sound. Her new single,On and On”, is just a quick sampler of how her music makes you wanna get up out your seat and move something. “LS” took a few minutes out of her extremely busy schedule to sit down with “The HEAT”. Here’s what this phenomenal, intriguing artist had to say.

HEAT: Welcome to “The Heat”. How you doing?
LANE: I’m doing great. Just a little busy working generating “LS” awareness.
HEAT: Now you’ve emerged to another level and so has your stage name. “LS” now stands for what and what made you decide to change it.
LANE: Wow, back in 2008 I was like, “Lady Shawn” that’s cool but I need something stronger. “I’m one of the best female entertainers out here”, I so, I have to take this and “do it” because it’s mine and after I “do it”, the way I “do it” there won’t be anybody to come after me and “do it” like that. And just like that it hit me, I went from LS “Lady Shawn” to LS “Last Standing”.
HEAT: So tell us, when did you first fall in love with music?
LANE: I was about 4 or 5 years old. I remember serenading early one morning Prince’s “Purple Rain” to to my aunt and it felt great, and every since I’ve been doing my thing.
HEAT: Speaking of yesterdays, you’re a four time beauty pageant winner, actress, singer, song writer, model, producer, whew…I’m tired for you…(we giggle) Anything “LS” doesn’t’ do?
LANE: I don’t do much cooking, but when it comes to the art and performing I’ll do just about anything. I just love what I do.
HEAT: I first discovered you in, “We Get It Crackin” video with Culture Sol who rocks! Are you still with them?
LANE: Wow, thank you. Culture Sol is actually a Hip Hop/R&B cover band but we did our own original song and “We Get It Crackin” was it. I gig with them whenever I can, so yes, I’m still apart of Culture Sol.
HEAT: When I listen to your music it’s like a Jill Scott, Nicki Minaj, explosion all at once. I go from NeoSoul to Hip Hop, to R&B to, even a little Taylor Swift. Most people are trying to do or be like some other artist. I don’t find that in your music. What would you say your music leans towards as a genre of music?
LANE: Universal…(she giggles) I’m an entertainer and to be the “Last Standing” you have to be able to reach everyone and that’s what my music does.
HEAT: Your stage presence is awesome! 8Ball & MJG, The Brat, Field Mobs, Trina, 112, is there anybody else you would love to perform with?
LANE: OMG! I love The Black eyed Peas, Queen Latifah, Jay-Z, & Mecca, she’s a fantastic artist and so many more. I see my future continuing down my road of heavy hitters kicking down doors.
HEAT: What’s on “LS” plate today?
LANE: 106 and Park interview. Working on new material to get completed this year. It’s gonna be more Hip Hop with the fusion of the combustion of the NeoSoul side of “LS”. I’m not working with producers on this next CD but more live musicians but Jonathan Greer is a producer out of Florida that I do a lot of work with. I have my new single, “On and On” with the the promo video coming up for that. I’m also working with VH1 Save The Music. This project is designed at keeping music awareness in elementary and middle schools.
HEAT: Live music touches your soul and brings about a different feeling than laid down computerized tracks. Thank you for that.
LANE: I appreciate and thank you guys for wanting to bring me aboard the “The HEAT” family and give me an opportunity to talk to my fans, your fans, and everybody fans. And before I get out of here, I want to shout out to my Rawvide Family, Soul Entertainment, ALL the producers who have been down with me, ALL the people who have given me great advice through this journey, thank you. Joshua Walden, my true fans, family, and supporters, you are the people that give me reason to keep grinding. And most def, “THE HEAT” and you Nik-O-Licious for this invitation to chat with you, thank you so much!
HEAT: Keep up the great job LoiS “LS” Lane and we wish you the greatest success. NEVER GIVE UP!

So, if you haven’t had an opportunity to check this “ALL AROUND” entertainer out, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT
(Click to Listen To LoiS “LS” Lane)

One of the hardest working women in the Entertainment business today! From Music Video Producer to Script Writer to Author to Personal Life Coaching to now Senior Editor Entertainment and New Artist for The Heat, this girls got game! If it's worth working on, she's on it! Talented, Intelligent, and Sexy, yeah, you get it all in her! You got a story to tell, she has an ear to listen and the skills to put the pen to paper! "I see your lips moving but ain't nothing coming out! Shut-up and start walking, talking gets you know where". Wanna get your skills and talent seen by the world, holla at cha'girl at or


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