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Relationships: An interactive look on the highs and lows of Love

As man and woman travel the trek of life, culture embeds the need for relationships and love in order for man and woman to develop socially and find fulfillment. Celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr.Phil have offered their expertise in the form of visuals, movies, and publications. The Heat Magazine takes an interactive approach by interviewing select adults who are on the battlefield of life and love.

The Heat Magazine: Do you believe that women blur their vision in finding a mate because of lust?

Nyja Horton: Many women’s vision is blurred because of not being intimate with self, no knowledge of self, and no self awareness to even know what characteristics of a man that they are attracted to compliment them. They try and build relationships based on only one attraction when the other person possesses many characteristics. With that, lust is created through void. It is merely a feeling of need to make up for all other emotions that are absent.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that texting has impacted relationships in a positive or negative way?

Geia Carter: I think texting has impacted relationships in a positive way due to the way we can use texts to communicate little love messages, thinking of you messages, etc. It helps to maintain being in touch on a busy work day when talking on the phone is not so convenient. Every now and then, it’s rather pleasing to get a random text from your sweetheart. On the other hand, the negativity comes in when a couple relies solely on text messages to communicate. Relationships take a lot of nurturing and face time in order to build. No amount of technology can replace human interaction on a personal level. It’s impossible. To make sure that texting is beneficial to a relationship, people must understand to use it IN ADDITION TO human interaction and not INSTEAD OF.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that a broken heart permanently affects a person’s future in relationships?

Jack Spratt: I think that it definitely does in all relationships but the question is whether we let it affect our futures positively or negatively. A lot of times in relationships, we tend to cling solely to our hearts and emotions while neglecting our logic and wisdom which eventually results in miscommunications and broken hearts. A broken heart could positively cause one to consistently consult all of his/her faculties (mental, spiritual, and emotional) before making romantic decisions or on the negative side, it could cause one to permanently harbor bitterness and trust issues internally. So the key, in my opinion, is not the broken heart that one suffers, but the lesson that he/she takes from it and how they plan to apply that lesson or experience in future relationships.

The Heat Magazine: Do you believe that relationships are more like business arrangements instead of true love?

Brandon MajestySozey Henderson:
Most def!!! We live in a time where a mass amount of couples should not even be together. Bonds,values, and dedication have been replaced with hidden intent,greed,personal,physical,and financial gain.

The Heat Magazine: In your opinion, why does a partner lie but expect honesty from the other partner?

Kory Jessie:
Most people lie, expecting honesty because they themselves consider them-self a person that can handle honesty but think that everyone else that they are talking to can’t handle the truth. Hypocrites.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that men and women make bad decisions concerning commitment because of selfishness?

Chandra Cooper:
Yes, I think so. I will be real and say women are probably more selfish than men.
To the question about broken hearts, I don’t think so because every female I know (besides myself) has had their heart broken many times by many different men and they fall for the okie-doke everytime a new man tells them the same thing the other man (who broke their heart) did.

The Heat Magazine would like to thank all participants in this article. For more information or if you would like to add your perspective to a follow-up article, contact Dion Norman at itsdevious@yahoo.com

Dion Norman is a professional music artist/journalist from Louisiana. Norman is an urban music enthusiast and has been writing since the mid 90s. He is also a stakeholder in the newly found New Orleans Union For Entertainment which is a new resource provider for New Orleans artists and businesses as well as a collective. For more information, feel free to email him at itsdevious@yahoo.com


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