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Today I was HONORED to witness the “THE PASSING OF THE THRONE” from someone that I not only consider a GREAT friend, someone i look up to as a father figure but also GREAT MAN OF GOD Dr. Bishop Felix Hill!! When I say It was a PHENOMENAL service, please believe me! I can not begin to tell you all the kind things that he and his family(Overseer First Lady Yvonne Hill & Katlin Hill) has done for me. When I call on him no matter what he or they are doing, they come even though I’m not a member of his church but I am one of many that he calls a daughter. He has preached at GREATER GRACE MINISTRIES  1500 14th ST.  Phenix City, AL for 20 yrs and today he passed the key to a another GREAT WOMAN OF GOD Dr. Rashanda Jones(whom I’m so proud of her that I call my sister & Also I love dearly) which I know that he put in good hands. Dr. Bishop Hill is also the founder of the C.I.A(Christian International Alliance For Ministries), which I’m very proud and honored to be not only a part of but to be chosen as the NATIONAL DIRECTOR of the I CAN MINISTRIES of this SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT not only in the USA but all over the WORLD!! He and his wife have worked very hard and prayed their way through some rough and tough times to make it where they are today. Their faith and testimonies strengthens me and I’m sure they had no clue until now! They are moving forward with their daughter Ms. katlin Hill on her way UUUUUPPPP(LOL)… I am so very proud of her and how far she has come from the moment I met her several years ago and she’s only 15 yrs old now and has graduated from high school, can speak many languages, play many instruments which she taught herself on her own. The Hill family have other children that are successful in their own lives as well. I haven’t written in a while but today GOD put it on my heart to write this piece. I can not imagine how hard this was for Bishop Hill to do but as it was said today “He’s not stepping down, he’s just stepping aside to move up to the NEW position that GOD has prepared for him.”  I know that GOD is taking me somewhere and i don’t have a clue yet but he’s lining my stars and positioning them in place for me to move accordingly to his will. I’m so honored and proud to say THANK YOU LORD, for putting The Hill Family in the lining of my path along side of many others.  With all that being said if you would like to book Ms. Katlin Hill for “ANY event(she sings it all), ANYWHERE” you may contact Bishop Hill for Team Katlin Productions 706-315-9708 or, they also have CD’S for sell(great traveling music if I must say so myself). May GOD continue to bless you all!!


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