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ØMI brings clarity with new single, “Colorblind”

ØMI releases a single “Colorblind” from his “Answer … Shadow” EP that showcases his versatility and depth as an artist


ØMIJapanese singer, Hiroomi Tosaka, has transcended past being a local sensation to an international superstar. His beginning into the music industry came with his debut as a vocalist of Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe on “Best Friend’s Girl.” After that, his stardom was on an incline to the top. He would eventually make the change from being Hiroomi Tosaka to the solo artist ØMI in February 2021 to facilitate the launch of his self-produced project “CDL Entertainment.” His rise to that point came at the manifesting of a staggeringly loyal fanbase with his flexible yet powerful vocal range in music. In July of 2017, ØMI would go on to release his first digital single, “Wasted Love.” This gave the world a deeper look into who the Japanese music prodigy was, and his sound began resonating with fans worldwide.

As time progressed, so did his craft and accolades. In August 2018, he held his first solo arena tour “HIROOMI TOSAKA LIVE TOUR 2018.” This further sparked a fire under his career and propelled him even higher up in the industry. To date, ØMI has accumulated iconic statistics, having 23 performances in 11 cities nationwide and mobilizing 240,000 people. In April 2019, he was the mastermind behind the theme song “BLUE SAPPHIRE” from the single “SUPERMOON” which was released on April 10th to accompany the movie version of mega-hit anime, “Detective Conan: Navy Blue Fist”. ØMI’s talent and popularity would go on to grant him the opportunity of a lifetime. He would become the tourism goodwill ambassador of Taipei City.


ØMI is now setting the stage for another major release under his CDL Entertainment brand. This project will materialize into the awaited EP “ANSWER … SHADOW” which is scheduled for a May release. The project will be distributed worldwide and used to further expand his sound into the world as well as boost the status of his music production. This body of art will center around the artist’s heart, mind, and soul, opening fans to a side never seen before. He aims to provide something so sonically breathtaking that it would change the industry forever. It shows the story around the self-questioned musician in light of his solo album “Who Are You?” that was released in January 2020.


In promoting the masterpiece that is “ANSWER … SHADOW” ØMI continues to give the world a look into his craft. One of the standout songs on the EP is the track “Colorblind.” The song acts as the final piece that is painted into the project over a smooth thoughtful instrumental. It meshes the project together in its entirety with its depth and beauty. “Colorblind” truly represents something in the music industry that has long been missing. ØMI has unlocked a new level of grace while displaying some of the best vocals the world has ever heard. He rides the beat effortlessly as he does his rendition of “Colorblind.” The track manifests the concept of the EP, expressing some conflicts and loneliness of the artist, reflecting the “shadow” aspect of the project. It creates a world where emotions leak through his singing and connects with the listener like a link into his mind and heart. With deep lyrics and melodious flows, ØMI has created something uniquely beautiful for fans to turn on, tune out the world, and get lost within. It is reflective of many of the feelings that course through the hearts of the world, thus making “Colorblind” a track relatable to anyone, no matter location, geography, ethnicity, or status.


“Colorblind” is a gem that belongs to a project that is wholly something special that will go down in history as a classic EP. ØMI is an artist with a creative vision. His upcoming project “ANSWER … SHADOW” builds upon the narrative of “Artemis”, which is considered to be the god of life and has been handed down in history. The project is a promised experience like no other. 


The project this time was promoted by M.A.U Collective one of an international entertainment agent-based in Sai Gon, Viet Nam. The meaning of the company name is Music, Art / Asian, Unlimited, and it also means “Màu” (Colors) in Vietnamese because M.A.U believes everyone has their own colors. We embrace the diversity and versatility of Asian artists, with a focus on hip-hop artists, and aims to amplify their talents on a global scale. With the opening project for the mission of bringing Asian music to more develop and spread to the international market called Future Shock. M.A.U along with many exciting projects are cherished, promising to bring a lot of excitement to Asian Hip Hop music in particular and to the world in general. Follow ØMI and stream his musical catalog while awaiting the May release of his anticipated Ep, “ANSWER … SHADOW” with a deep single “Colorblind.”


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