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Ga$ton Jones is the Future of Baltimore Rap

Say hello to Ga$ton Jones, a rapper from Baltimore, Maryland, and the future of the BMORE rap scene! Growing up in the dangerous streets of Baltimore, like a lot of kids growing up in his environment, Ga$ton showed interest in music early, having his first song at 5 years old. His father actually would help him write his first couple of songs until Ga$ton turned 7; around the time his father left but Ga$ton’s love of music did not. Having to grow up fast he would often help his mother raise his little sister while she did the best she could. At the age of 9, Gaston made his first beat in FL studio and that’s when everything changed. He dropped his first mixtape in 2013 at the age of 12; soon after tragedy would strike. Around the end of 2013, Ga$ton’s great-grandmother lost her battle with cancer, and in early 2014, he would lose his grandfather. In his own words, “his grip on life.” 

ga$tonTo save his life, Gaston mom moved him and his sister to Atlanta, where he would have to start from scratch. With that reset of life, he went by a new name “KYD”. While simultaneously trying to figure out life & his career path, the stressors took a toll on him and he started getting in constant trouble, getting arrested & eventually expelled from Atlanta Public schools in 2015. In the Summer of 2016, fate would change his life for the better as he linked up and became friends with Almighty Beats, who has been his producer since they met in 2016. With a new sound, a new producer, and a new outlook on life, he spent all of 2017 recreating his sound and trying new things. In 2018, he graduates from high school and hits the ground running. He dropped a self-titled EP and later single “High & Antisocial” grossing well over 500,000 streams. In 2019, he followed “High and Antisocial” with another EP called “UP” but as is prone to happen the universe had other plans.

Torn between fans wanting music and Ga$ton’s mother needing him home to work and help pay the bills. He made the honorable decision and took a step back from music after releasing his “ORANGE” project. In 2020, amidst a pandemic, he records and releases his 7-song comeback EP known as “The $timulus Pack”. With all the good feedback that he receives on that project, he follows up with the smash hit the “OnlyGrams” project; featuring the singles “Bipolar” and “Permanent Scar” which he produced himself.

Currently, Ga$ton has over 400 unreleased songs, but wants to do something different in 2022 instead of just dropping projects. His 2020/2021 project- “Ga$ton 2” -hit the scene with a bang and accumulated 11,000 streams within its first day. Now he is pushing his newest single “TAKIN’ OFF”; an anthem for those who’ve put in time, effort & money into their craft. People who been told “stay down for the come up” but they tired of waiting. “TAKIN’ OFF” is flying over anything that was keeping you grounded and building a legacy worth dying behind. Of that sounds like your vibe then this is the song for you. We can’t wait to see what more Ga$ton brings to the game. Stay tuned because he is coming for the crown in 2022.












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Ms Carmen
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