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In the world of today, in order to be a success, you don’t need to be an official star. One single video of yours can go viral on social media within minutes and make you everyone’s favorite. So, talent doesn’t remain silent for long, one way or the other, it finds its way out. One such talented name is that of Loay. He’s a fantastic singer on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where his fans love him!

Born in Morocco and raised in Oman, Loay was just an ordinary music loving kid. So, he wouldn’t just listen to music but also used to sing as a child. That’s when he realized he’d got a talent. When you love what you do, nothing can stop you from becoming a hit. That’s Loay, an Omanian person who made music his passion and won the appraisal of thousands of people. The world came to know him through the platform of social media. Currently, he’s studying Business Management in Oman.

In Relationship With Music

Loay had been searching for his real talent throughout his childhood until he realized it was music. He had a melodious voice, used to sing at home, in school, and at university. Singing, playing guitar and piano, and other instruments are all childhood was about. His parents had been very supportive in this regard. He never believed people would like his voice. It was when he started uploading his videos on social media that he realized he’s not only a singer but also has the potential to impress an audience. That was surprising for him, but he truly deserved it!

Today, Loay is a known name on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Some of his fans even claim that he’s far better than some of the names in the current music industry. Some have compared him with Shawn Mendes, John Legend, and Passenger! Loay is a humble person; he doesn’t believe in that. He, himself, is a fan of many singers. He thinks he’s still in the learning process, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done on his voice in order to polish it. Undoubtedly, he’s a passionate and talented person and will one day become the next Shawn Mendes.

What Inspires Him?

Everybody has a hero and someone as a source of inspiration, but the best way to progress is not to compare oneself with others but compare oneself with one’s future self. As Matthew McConaughey said in his Oscar’s speech: “My hero is me ten years from now.” That’s what Loay believes in it. He believes he is self-inspired, and there is nothing arrogant about that.

Favorite Singer 

Of course, when it comes to singers, everybody wants to know their favorite singers. Who’s Loay’s favorite? It’s Lewis Capaldi.

Future Plans

Loay isn’t just going to stick to social media. He wants to broaden his audience, polish his work, and prove his talent. That’s why he wants to get into production. He wants to extend from making videos to producing original albums. In September 2020, he’s going to release a single and then a complete record till the end of the year or maybe in the next. His main struggle is the production, he admits he is not perfect in the mixing process, but he tries his best to produce good quality videos and covers.





Ms Carmen
Ms Carmen
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