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Mia X Adds Flavor To The Culture and Community

Mia Young professionally known as “Mia X” is an eclectic superstar artist with a multitude of talents. From the seventh ward area of New Orleans, Mia carries the cultural attributes of New Orleans deep within her soul. 

The world knows her for her artistry, RIAA certified albums, and actress roles in countless films, but if one takes a closer look, Mia’s multiple skill set shines bright. She is a music industry instructor at Loyola University, an author, a philanthropist, a loving mother, and a chef. Mia is a nurturer and a vessel of wisdom for her musical colleagues. She’s a beacon of light for her friends and family. She provides daily motivation on her social media platforms. Even in beating the obstacle of cancer, Mia X continues to stand up for racial equality and humanity. She’s even fed the needy on her birthday and worked hard to deliver fresh fruit to elderly citizens amid Covid-19 pandemic. She’s humble spirited and resilient.

The Heat Magazine wanted to make our readers aware of the latest flavor from Mia X. No pun intended, Mia and her brand “Team Whip Dem Pots” have provided a cookbook to the world. Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed: A Cookbook of Memories 1975 – 2001″ was released to the public Saturday, July 7, 2018, after her Essence Eats cooking demo,. By Sunday, 24 hours later, the book was certified an Essence Best Seller by the festival bookstore. Mia also shares definitive and introspective truth and wisdom she received from her grandmother. Now she’s back with “Mama Mia’s For Whatever Seasoning”.

“It’s more than just seasoning, it’s flavor for your soul,” said Mia.

Mia is allowing her supporters to indulge in her new product on Instagram by selecting various individuals to receive a sample of her new seasoning. Being from New Orleans, Mia’s seasoning will definitely spice up any dish.

Mia told the Heat she still records music but she’s really concerned about being an advocate for African-American restaurants. As a result, she’s created a variety of rice dishes and will soon offer these rice products and her new seasoning to restaurateurs.

For more information on her latest endeavors as well as music updates, visit her social media platforms.






Mia X Adds Flavor To The Culture and Community

Dion Norman is a professional music artist/journalist from Louisiana. Norman is an urban music enthusiast and has been writing since the mid 90s. He is also a stakeholder in the newly found New Orleans Union For Entertainment which is a new resource provider for New Orleans artists and businesses as well as a collective. For more information, feel free to email him at


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