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CEO of Lyrikal Records Inc, G-Rell King Chit, is making waves coming from the westside of Macon, Georgia. Having been doing his thing for over a decade, G-Rell King Chit is set to release his debut album this year entitled, “Most Hated“. Nik-O-Licious was finally able to catch up with him for a little “Heat” chit chat.

THE HEAT: Whew…we finally caught up with King Chit. You‘ve been really busy.
GRKC: Same on your end too.
THE HEAT: Let the people know where you coming from.
GRKC: Bellevue.
THE HEAT: You have a video out, “Once Upon A Time In West Macon”, why don’t you tell us a little about that.
GRKC: Just a old school song. Just going back in time to the good old days. You know back then things used to be real rough with all the gang banging, you know they used to call Macon baby LA. We just went back in time painting a story about what was going on in everybody’s life. It’s a classic video now, it got band! I had to re-post it. Macon Gang Task Force took it down. We couldn’t understand why, it wasn’t like we were promoting violence, we were actually telling young kids not to follow in the footsteps of other artist you see on T.V. or any us who were involved in gang life.
THE HEAT: Wow! I was thinking that Macon Law Enforcement was behind you guys since there was a scene with them in the video.
GRKC: Yeah, just not those guys. (he laughs) But seriously though, the minute you see someone trying to do some good, there is always going to be someone to oppose it.
THE HEAT: The version that’s on Youtube still has the police car in it. So they agreed to allow you guys to re-post it?
GRKC: Naw, naw, they band it on the directors page so I posted after things kind of calmed down. I waited a couple of months before re-posting. And every time it gets band, somebody else is gonna re-post it.
THE HEAT: So tell us when you fell in love with Rap music?
GRKC: I’ve been in love with music all my life. My mom used to play disco music all the time. As far as rap, I have to say 1990. You know, back then when we had cassette tapes.
THE HEAT: Yeah when you could pull the whole tape out, take a pencil and wind it all back in and keep right on jamming. (we laugh)
GRKC: Or you had to fast forward through all the other songs to get to your favorite..(he giggles) Thank God for cd’s.
THE HEAT: We noticed in one of your other videos you did a tribute to Kelvin “Rat” Foster.
GRKC: Yeah, that was one of the homies. I knew his brother. We don’t ever forget someone that we’ve lost. We don’t believe in death. Although you gone, we still gone carry your name on.
THE HEAT: I saw Big Jeff in there as well.
GRKC: Yeah, that’s my cousin, he died from a heart attack right before our first show.
THE HEAT: R.I.P. to your homies. You have been the winner at one of Macon’s Hottest Events, Monday Night Live, so tell us what Monday Night Live means to you.
GRKC: Monday Night Live brings the best of the best together. What it means to me; my stomping grounds, my home, my land. Imma always hold it down. I was glad for the opportunity because actually that’s the only event that we have where we can get close enough to anybody in the entertainment industry to hear us to actually make us feel like, ok, we getting closer to it. It be some heavy ballers from the industry at Monday Night Live. And some people can’t travel so they bought it to us. Like they said, ok, this is what you want to do, perform, here it is.
THE HEAT: What kind of crowd are rappers up against out at Monday Night Live?
GRKC: On truth, the crowd ain’t too friendly. You better come with your A-Game. If you ain’t tight, you can’t rock the crowd, you ain’t gone get nowhere. Not there!
THE HEAT: Hard crowd huh?
GRKC: Yeah…they real hard headed. You got to bring it. But I make’em get down.
THE HEAT: So what’s happening for 2012 with G-Rell King Chit?
GRKC: 2012, my album finally coming out, Most Hated, and more videos coming out. Working and collaborating on Most Hated. Putting it down in the studio and before I forget, I want to give a shout out to ALL of my hood, Westside, shouts out to my fans and everybody that supported me everywhere especially locally. Shouts out to my networking team. R.I.P. to big Jeff and my cousin “W”(Dubb). Much love to Nik-O-Licious and “The HEAT” for this opportunity.
THE HEAT: Thanks to you G-Rell King Chit for stopping by and sharing with us! Looking forward to “Most Hated” to drop! Always remember, just “believe”!

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT”
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