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Jesse Neo Reveals Gemtracks – The Site to Buy and Sell Beats

Singer-Songwriter, Producer, and DJ – Jesse Neo takes time for a tech project known as Gemtracks


British-Australian native Jesse Neo is a multi-talented 22-year-old that blends Eurodance, Pop, and a hint of new wave into a stylish cool sound. Born into a musical family, he starts to learn the violin, piano, and sings at the tender age of 7. By his teens, he composes and writes over 20 songs, and by 18, more than 100. In 2017, the singer’s music makes its debut and becomes instantly noticeable.

“Most people know me as a singer and producer but that’s just one part of me, I’m a technology nerd as well.”

After relocating to Los Angeles, Jesse Neo experiences overwhelming life changes. “Every day, I would be on the phone or replying to emails as I worked with companies on what song they would want me to create.” By the end of 2017, he has a breakdown. It was time for the Australian singer to rethink his gameplan and the solution-create an online platform where everything is automated.

Jesse launches Gemtracks and his beats that sell between $99 – $499. Within a month, sales came through. Gemtracks’ policy states that once a beat is sold, it will be removed from the website. Also, the copyright ownership is transferred to the buyer which makes the beats more enticing.The highest selling genre is currently pop beats, followed closely by hip hop beats. There are however many more genres on the website.

“Eventually all my friends encouraged me to change the website into a marketplace so that they and everyone else would be able to buy and sell beats too,” Jesse told us. “So that was what I did.” 


With success, Jesse revealed many big plans for Gemtracks.

“Next, I will be adding a new feature to book recording studios,” he added. “This means once an artist purchases a beat, they would be able to easily find a studio close by to record their vocals. Eventually, I want Gemtracks to be the one-stop place for all musicians to come and do their creative works together.”

Besides selling beats, the website also has a huge collection of free educational resources to help aspiring artists new to the industry, including a short course on how to get into the music business.

“I’ve been so consumed into this online business that I’ve even labeled myself as a music technologist,” Jesse joked. “It’s amazing how the internet has grown so much that it can be incorporated into every industry.”

As his site grows, Neo is seen in several top news sources including The Huffington Post and RESPECT Mag. Shortly after, Neo receives a stream of invites from record labels and YouTube channels to write songs for them.If this sounds like something you would like to check out, head over to Gemtracks to buy and sell beats now.

To keep up to date with Jesse, you can follow him on all social media and digital music platforms.

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