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Heat Relationship (Sent In From One Of The Heat Reader)


Madonna said “Don’t go for second best baby, put your love to the test.” Women from our generation seem to really take her advice literally and I wonder how many lives from our generation have been ruined because of it. Many young women now seem to have the attitude that their boyfriend is just cheating on them becuase that’s just what men do. Well, it isn’t. Some guys do, but other guys can also fall madly in love with a woman and not want to be with other women. Unfortunately this generation of women seems to beleive that those guys don’t exist, which is a big, fat, LIE. And if you cheat on the person of your dreams and ruin it, you’ll be in a world of hurt. Women need to learn a lesson that men learned long ago. While it may sometimes be true that women are like a bus and another is always comming along, the girl of your dreams isn’t a bus. She is rare, and you may only get one girl like that so don’t screw it up. Women mistake the fact that men can have sex for sex sake as love, and they many times end up being the sex for sex sake girl, which gives them a low opinion of men.

Just remember girls, if a guy loves you enough to treat you like a princess and call all the time, and put up with all your ****–he loves you. We don’t do that for the sex girl’s, with them it’s a booty call then hump and dump. If you throw away a guy that really loves you, you be in a world of hurt, I’ve known many girls that never found a guy that good again.

Here’s how to resolve conflict in a relationship: when you have a problem, talk about it. Thats what adults do. Young men and women often have this insane belief that love means that you both become psychic. It doesn’t. If she wants him to know how really turn her on she usually has to tell him because that different for every woman. If he want her to know he loves her he needs to say that, not just expect her to deduce it from the sum of his actions. I hope this helps, to make to love work you will both have to get out of your comfort zones and grow together. Getting out of your comfort zone is what growing up is all about.

Thanks Wendy For Sending this In

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