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Heat Relationship (Are You a Priority in Your Relationship)


Is your spouse or partner habitually late for a scheduled call or dinner that you both agreed too? Has she or he ever ignored you for hours? Do you feel he/she makes others a priority and not you?

The amazing thing is, men and women who are in business know exactly what it means to make someone a priority. When they make a business call or attend a business meeting they do three things.

One – they make all calls and meetings a priority by scheduling it in their calendar.

Two – they give that call or meeting their full attention and would never think of ignoring a client or customer.

Three – If they are late they immediately call ahead to apologize and let the person know when to expect them.

Why is it that people make business calls or meetings a priority but when it comes to their husband/wife they drop the ball? Why are business associates or even friends being treated with more respect and consideration then the love of their life?

The answer is – You have allowed them to take you for granted. Yes, this can be a hard pill to swallow but if this behaviour is not questioned at the beginning of a relationship and a course correction made, your partner will continue with, what I refer to as a separation creating habit.

We either have soul connection habits or we have separation creating habits. Separation creating habits cause all kinds of relationship drama and unnecessary grief and turmoil and can sabotage the goodness that is available.

Yes, we all have the power to follow through and show up 100% with everyone in business and in our personal life. We constantly choose who is a priority in our life in any given moment.

When we take our personal relationships for granted.

If you want to be happy in your relationship I suggest you do the right thing and make your relationship a priority. How? Get real with your behaviour and make time for heart to heart conversations.

An Enlightened man or what my brother Dwayne calls a Remarkable Man, is a man who is willing to look at himself, to become aware of his actions or behaviours that no longer serve him. He is thoughtful, he thinks ahead, his thoughts are organized and no matter what anyone else says or thinks he will tell the world how incredible his brilliant woman is. He is not afraid to speak truth and is definitely not afraid of words. He is not afraid to be different than other men. He is a man who will always make his brilliant woman a priority.

A Brilliant Woman will always challenge her Enlightened man to be more than he was yesterday. She does this from a place of respect and appreciation. A Brilliant Woman never points the finger or blames her man because she knows that on some level she has co-created this experience. She is patient and forgiving. A Brilliant Woman never complains. Instead she seeks soulful communication that brings forth necessary growth and an opening of the heart.

An Enlightened man makes his brilliant woman a priority because he is fully aware of the gift that she is. He knows the feminine is life force energy, she is the light, she carries the nurturing elements so his soul can be uplifted and he can live his full potential. In exchange he does everything in his power to uplift her spirit and is always thrilled to see his brilliant woman.

This is true devotion and a commitment to heart centered living.

No more excuses. It is time to take a good look at our habits and determine if they are soul connection habits or separation creating habits. Make the person you love a priority today. This means right now..not tomorrow, not next week.. RIGHT NOW! Let the person you are with know how important they are to you. Ask your beloved, eye to eye, “What behaviours do you feel need to shift in order for you to experience our soul connection?” Create requests not demands such as. “I request that you have the courage to listen to me instead of walking away.” Remember, it is not you that needs to change, it is only your behaviour. Listen to the answer and then practice every day with loving action to make it happen. You will reap the benefits and feel more fulfilled than ever before.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

The Heat Reporter
The Heat Reporter
Known in entertainment circles as "LA Dre", the Editor of The Heat Magazine works tirelessly to bring you the latest & greatest in entertainment news. He spent years in the industry & now brings some of that insider knowledge to his readers.


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