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GIFTED DA FLAMETHROWA: A Truly Gifted Artist Blessing Others

The Westbank of New Orleans has spawned some legendary rap artists and producers, including the late lyrical assassin Tim Smooth and genius producer Ice Mike, not to mention the late MC Thick, Tre8 and several others. Yet another talent has come out of Kennedy Heights Gifted Da Flamethrowa.

He has quite a story to tell and does so quite eloquently through his music. He is not the average rapper though. Gifted Da Flamethrowa uses his craft to push the Word of God.

After some harrowing experiences years ago, Gifted Da Flamethrowa decided it was time to get his life on the right track and he is doing just that. With a positive message, Gifted Da Flamethrowa is reaching a new generation, to let them know that no matter what, they can get their lives on the right track. After all, he is living proof of it. Having recently graduated from college, he is a testament to God’s gift of grace.

The Heat is honored to have been able to catch up with Gifted Da Flamethrowa so we could learn more. Here’s how our conversation went:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell our readers about yourself.

GIFTED DA FLAMETHROWA: First off, I am a husband and a father. My Name is Terrence Veal a/k/a Gifted Da Flamethrowa. I was born and raised on the Westbank of New Orleans in the Kennedy Heights subdivision; raised by a strong single mother, Ms. Lynette Wallace. Not having my pops to guide me through life, I made bad decisions at an early age. I have the same hood story – hustling, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. I’ve had two car accidents where I should have died in both, due to the fact I was driving drunk and full of marijuana. I’ve been incarcerated numerous times and even shot in my face. Every other decision I was making was destroying my life. All this was happening between the ages of 14 and 20.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How did you get started in the music industry?

GIFTED DA FLAMETHROWA: I started performing at an early age, winning various talent shows and performing in major clubs and events, such as “Teen Summit” an annual concert hosted by New Orleans’ number one radio station WQUE/Q93 FM, which drew over 20,000 people and featured a host of local and international artists. I’ve performed at thousands of venues throughout the years and at the age of 15, I secured a deal as a choreographer/writer with the hottest label in New Orleans at that time, “Take Fo’ Records”. From Take Fo’ I went on to “Smoke 1 Records” the home of Tre8 (R.I.P) and Zeeda and also the first label to do a joint venture with “No-Limit Records” headed by the music mogul Master P. I was a featured artist at the 2008 NBA All Star event festivities sponsored by Nike and Foot Locker, featuring Spike Lee, Kobe Bryant, Doug E. Fresh, and Alonzo Mourning. I have traveled the U.S. and also abroad to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rotherham and London, England touring on mission trips, and I’ve been a featured artist on over 70 albums, most notably “Testimony of Redemption”, the album from Bushwick Bill of the platinum selling super group, “The Geto Boys” and Bishop Lester Love’s “Love Abides”. I have also been a featured artist at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 SXSW Music Conferences, Houston’s 2009 Los Magnificos Car Show and Houston’s annual “Thanksgiving Feast”.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who are your musical influences?

GIFTED DA FLAMETHROWA: Run DMC, LL, NWA, D.O.C, Tre8, Pac, Tim Smooth, Bust Down, Ice Mike, Juvenile, Nas, JayZ, EightBall & MJG, Scarface, Geto Boys, Fresh Prince, DMX, Biggie, Eminem, and UGK.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How hard is it to incorporate the Word into hip hop music?

GIFTED DA FLAMETHROWA: Honestly, it’s not hard at all. The word is my life. I naturally fight to live it daily, so it’s easy to express it lyrically and creatively.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What projects do you have in the works?

GIFTED DA FLAMETHROWA: I have two records available nationally, “Street Symphony” Much Luvv Records/Infinity Distributions released in November of 2009 and most recently “BullDoze City” on Praise Immortal/Island Def Jam Distributions. Both records are available on iTunes & all other online retail outlets. The record BullDoze City features Brian Angel of Day26, Zeeda, Bizzle, 007 of the 5th Ward Boyz, VonWon, and more. Also production from Ice Mike, Crazy C, DWalla & Bruce Bang. BullDoze City was released on September 20, 2011 and reached the top 100 on the iTunes charts. I also have a Mix Tape series titled “Monsters Do Exist” Volumes 1-10 available for free download at

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What do you hope to achieve through your career?

GIFTED DA FLAMETHROWA: At the end of the day, I want to be known as consistent and honest. I want the life that I lived to speak for me. In my opinion, music today has a missing element. The negative messages that are conveyed have to be met with an alternative message. That’s my mission in this thing. I am of the opinion that by following Godly principles, we can achieve the fullness of life that we are supposed to. I want to love people and provide the fans of music with the best that I possibly can.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Make sure to check out Gifted Da Flamethrowa. He is truly using a God given talent to further his music career, and inspire others in the process. Check him out on the following sites:

Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor-in-Chief
Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor-in-Chief
Vice-President & Asst. Editor-in-Chief of The Heat Magazine, Arlene is a Louisiana native, Certified Paralegal, Publicist, Owner of MIKODreamz PR, co-owner of 504Diffusion, writer, producer, and jack of all trades, who is heavily involved in her community as well as serving as Media Advisor for New Orleans Union for Entertainment (NOUE), Member of the NOLA Music Awards from 2012-present & Member of the Press Club of New Orleans. Her work is published across the web. Her PR work has been highly recognized & awarded. She was/is publicist for the late great BTY YoungN, 0017th and more. She is also working on her first novel & aspires to turn it into a film & is currently writing the authorized biography of the legendary Pimp C of UGK. She can be reached via email at Follow her on Twitter - @CategorySeven & Instagram - @hurricanearlene.


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