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Trak Montana hit the ground running almost immediately after touching down in the City of Angels. Trekking all the way west from New Orleans by his self at age 17 to attend the Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood, California, he is determined to pave his way through the entertainment industry by any means necessary. Trak, born Davante Porche, is an 19 year old prodigy that already has a few respectable notches in his musical belt. Gaining his name from the repute that his incarcerated father once held, Trak once went by the stage name “Mutt on Da Track”, adapted from the nickname “Baby Mutt”. After being complimented on his “Tony Montana swag” and his skills in beating making, the unusually lengthy pseudonym was soon changed to Trak Montana.

Trak discovered his innate ability to freestyle rap at age 11 after having to prove his self in a rap battle circle that he lied to get into. He credits rap artist Mystikal for influencing his rapid spitfire technique. After cultivating his rap skills, Mr. Montana moved into writing and began to ghostwrite rhymes for other artists at just 15 years old. Soon after, he began to mix tracks and produce songs as well. Being the ultimate go-getter, he even made extra money giving haircuts and took an interest in tattooing.

Catching the attention of some prominent players in the music industry, Trak was mentored by Antony Murray, manager of artists such as B.G., Soulja Slim, and Hurricane Chris, for the first two years of his career. He was also able to gain radio play in Orlando with his song “Allstar”, which was recorded and produced in his home studio at his mother’s house where he would charge other artists an affordable $40 an hour to record. Trak was also featured on the remix of Hitz Committee/Jive Records artist Huey’s “PaYow!”, with help from the vocal styling of R&B sensation Bobby Valentino. He also has several projects under way that will be available to the public sooner rather than later.

Trak Montana reached out to “The Heat’s” Nik-O-Licious to discuss his rising career and what he’s been up to traveling from N.O. to Cali.

THE HEAT: Trak Montana, what it do? So you just up and left N.O. to pursue what exactly?
MONTANA: Mainly school and just to get away and to see what was happening out in Hollywood.
THE HEAT: I know your fans in New Orleans are going to want to know why you left them and headed out west when they have their own music movement happening down there with artist as Da U Boys, who is taking over New Orleans right now?
MONTANA: I really don’t know about no movement they have going on, except the bounce music and that’s really not my style of making music.
THE HEAT: So are you calling LA home now or do you have plans to get back down south?
MONTANA: I’m gonna be between here; LA, and N.O.
THE HEAT: Tell us about your single release, “Mary Jane”. Is it a tribute to the legendary Rick James?
MONTANA: Yes, I really like that song. I’ve been doing music since I was eleven and that was one of the songs I first heard that inspired me to want to get deeper into my art in the music industry. I always wanted to get a song with Mary Jane as the hook and I’ve done it.
THE HEAT: What would you say has been the most calculated step you’ve made towards setting and reaching your career goals?
MONTANA: Mainly taking a chance just coming out to Hollywood by myself at age seventeen. When I made the decision to head west from New Orleans, I didn’t know what would happen or how things would work out, but I’ve managed to do more and get farther than I imagined. So I’d have to say, having the courage to face that feat and make things happen for me.
THE HEAT: What’s Trak Montana bringing to the music industry that’s unique about your campaign?
MONTANA: I’m just me. I’m not trying to be anybody else. I’m not talking about what I don’t have. I’m not trying to do any gimmicks or anything. I’m just me. I just talk about what I know. I’m not afraid to tell the truth about what’s really going on.
THE HEAT: What’s coming up for Trak Montana your fans should be looking out for?
MONTANA: Right now I’m really focused on getting out of school, I’m studying Science of Recording Arts. I’m doing a lot of producing and I’ve started doing some script writing. I’m still doing my music pushing my single, “Mary Jane” and I’m looking forward to getting in the studio soon.
THE HEAT: Any shout outs from you?
MONTANA: First and far most God, my mom, and my manager, Tremaine “T-Maine” Turner, and of course mad props to you Nik and The Heat Magazine for giving me this opportunity to let the world know about Trak Montana.

For all Trak Montana fans you can find him on Facebook, twitter, ReverbNation, and Youtube as Trak Montana.

The Heat wants to thank Trak Montana for coming over and sharing some love. I keep telling y’all it’s getting “HOT” in here. We all overt the place; north, south, east, and as you see, west, hanging out with the best!

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT”

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