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Fashion Exsclusive: AJ Patel Of SirReal Fashion


      I had the chance to interview Aj Patel (Anuj Patel) of SirReal Fashion; a New Jersey based clothing line in the heart of the art district. It is a part of a trinity that stretches across New York to surrounding areas called the “tri state”. Aj along with the artist Jigar Shanker combine to make a motivated and very talented team of young men who specialize in bringing the fantasy, beauty, and grace of art into the clothing realm.

    They have been a business for about 4 1/2 years now and are making great progress. I was amazed at the graphics as well as the amount of effort and detail put into the clothes they make.  Aj says that the style of SirReal Fashion is art based. The art is said to be kinetic which means to be constantly moving. With a busy schedule and constant flow of customers, I was very happy to get a chance to speak with him and ask him a few questions.

Kimberly M. Bell of the Heat Magazine:  Describe your customer..

Aj Patel of SirReal Fashion:  SirReal Fashion is all about “confident imagery” and we aim to spread  SirReal Fashion “via art and style”. Our line reaches out to all age groups. We have customer as young as age 10 even up to 40… so it’s kind of hard to pinpoint one “specific” kind of customer. A lot of people are attracted to the variety and originality that our brand offers. We mostly make clothes for men but we see all kind of coustomers both male and female. We have unisex clothing and are working on a female/women’s section which will be called Ladies First by SirReal. Our goal is to reach out to peoples from all walks of life.

Kimberly M. Bell of the Heat Magazine:  Where did the name SirReal come from?

Aj Patel of SirRreal Fashion:  It’s a play on words actually. The name SirReal  comes a style of painting called “surrealism”. When you break down the word SirReal you get “real” which describes the artwork with the respect and dignity of the word “Sir”. Me and My business partner Jigar Shanker liked the idea so we used this as the foundation of the name.

Kimberly M. Bell of The Heat Magazine:  What sets SirReal Fashion apaprt from other clothing companies?

Aj Patel of SirReal Fashion:  Our style is heartfelt and an expression of who we are as people. The designs on the shirts are actual paintings brought to life by the wearer.

SirReal Fashion has designed for a number of celebrities in the New York area including: singer Bobby Valentino, Max Cathay, Real and Chance from the VH1 reality show A Real Chance at Love, Cypress Hill, Redman, rapper Mano, JoJo & Digi  Simmons, rapper Jadakiss, Donnie Klang from Making The Band and a countless list of others.

  Whether celebrities or a regular people, Aj makes it a priority that he treat everyone the same. No one person is more important than another. He says all of the people that he meets or comes in contact with are of value whether they be skateboarders, surfers, actors, athletes, or teenagers. He says he appreciates the love and is happy that people like what he does.

Kimberly M. Bell of the Heat Magazine:   Where can we get more information on SiReal Fashion?

Aj patel of SirReal Fashion:  visit the site to make orders at or  Follow us on twitter at  SirRealFashion and we also have a facebook account which is…/85815593963

 Check out Exsclusive photoshoot with Jadakiss for SirReal  Fashion



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