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[Exclusive] 6 Questions with SuprMusic’s Gina Falcone

Gina Falcone talks about her new single release and future endeavors

We had the pleasure of catching up with singer Gina Falcone on the heels of her most recent release “Show Me”. The Florida-based songstress discusses her creative inspirations, background and what she wants listeners to get from her work. Check out the single’s new visual after the jump.

How do you stay inspired as an artist/creative?

I stay inspired to create by making sure I maintain a positive mindset, and I do that by disconnecting and doing something I enjoy, discovering new music, being outdoors, anything to feel like I can reset.

What’s your process when going into the studio to make a record?

The process of making a song is always different. Sometimes I hear a melody or lyrics first and create the music around that. Sometimes it’s the beat that inspires to by the feeling it gives me. Other times it starts with a beat or a sound I hear in my head. It really depends on how I feel at the time and I go with that energy.

What do you want people to pull from your records and their messages?

I want people to know it is okay be be their authentic self. I have worked hard to not let doubts or negativity shift the work I’ve done to know myself. If people can see and hear that through my music, maybe it will inspire them to do the same.

Who has impacted you?

Growing up I was influenced by listening to Motown, 70s R & B, a lot of Jazz, Rock, even musical theater. I definitely grew up in a house where music was prevalent. But the people who have really impacted me to create are artists like Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse, Alicia keys, Aretha Franklin… too many to list actually.

What should a listener get from your music?

I just want people to listen to my music and feel something. Whatever it is they feel, positive or negative, at least they felt something. Knowing that something I created to help heal myself really, ended up helping someone else is why I continue to push to get my voice heard.

What other aspect of the entertainment business would you love to pursue further?

An aspect of the entertainment industry that I would love to cross into would probably be acting. Growing up, I was always in the plays and loved becoming another character so I think it would be really fun to film and be in movies.

Be sure to connect Gina (@gina_falcone) on Instagram, TikTok and at your favorite digital music platforms. For booking and features, Email here

Gina Falcone

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