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With so many Indie Artist doing their thang, it’s hard to muzzle through the crowd to find the best. But The Heat manages to do just that over and over and over again. D.H.B. Dread Head Boiz, Lil Daddy DaTruuth and Dopeboi Slim have been cooking up head banging music for a minute and recently released another mixtape hit, “Mix Tape Assassins V2” and it’s off the heezy! D.H.B slid by The HEAT and had a chit chat with Nik-O-Licious to catch the fans up with what’s been going on.

HEAT: So what’s happening & welcome to “The Heat”!
DHB: Fo’show. Everything is everything. We are actually hibernating from the lab right now pushing “Mix Tape Assassins V2”. It’s doing real good out on the streets right now.
HEAT: So tell us what’s been going on with D.H.B. lately?
SLIM: We just left Mississippi a few weeks ago, felt good to be at home, performing at the All Star Weekend.
LD: Yeah that shit was crazy! We had a hell of’a time. Shouts out to our man Corey Loud for inviting us down to represent and shouts out to Smoke Jones, Coggi, Ole Boi, so many in the Sip supporting D.H.B.
HEAT: It’s off the chain! No wonder you guys can’t keep a copy of Mix Tape Assassins V2.
SLIM: MixTape Assassins V2 has a little bit of everything from some of everywhere to reach everybody, that’s how we do it.
HEAT: You guys are releasing your full length CD by the end of the year, how’s that project coming along?
LD: It’s coming along great. Everybody needs to get ready, D.H.B is going to be bringing a blazing winter.
HEAT: Any other producers on this project?
SLIM: We’re branching out a little with some guys from Franchise Media Group. DJ Impact out of Canada is one in particular, big shouts out to him.
LD: We’re also working with our boi, Jerry Jones, out of Mississippi. I’m getting my feet wet at producing as well.
HEAT: What’s the inspiration behind the music?
SLIM: I’ll say life experiences. I mean really, what we write, we actually go through. It’s not like we paint a picture of someone else life. The more shit we go through, the more we have to write about and express on paper.
HEAT: Slim, I know you’re a ladies’ man, do they inspire you to write? (He laughs hard)
SLIM: Oh Yes! They have to, “Oh my God”…the ladies…(they laugh harder)
HEAT: Any other projects you guys have coming up?
LD: We’re working on a whole lot of things, one in particular, we’re working with Franchise Media group, shouts out to our man Tim. JG, working with him, he just dropped his latest CD. Joe’s Nephew, GI Joe, he gettin it in, we have a lot brewing to get you spelled bound on Dread Head Boiz.
HEAT: I know you guys have a lot of people hands in the cookie jar, just trying to eat, so you want to shout out to any of them.
LD: Our partner Troublsum, he represented on the MixTape, Donny Arcade, DA, if y’all need it, he got it. Like to shout out to my homeboy, Hustle Hard, what we call him Slim?
SLIM: Water Lou…(they laugh hard) representing Alabama.
LD: Also our partner Killer J, representing Kentucky, our boi, Stallone, can’t forget him.
HEAT: Where can your fans go to keep up with D.H.B?
LD: All you got to do is “google” us baby…(we giggle)…D.H.B Dread Head Boiz and all you want to know is at your finger tips. Thanks again to “THE HEAT” for always showing us love and supporting our music and especially our girl, “Nik-O-Licious”. We can “truuthly” say you guys are in our corner.

You’ve just been entertained and updated with D.H.B Dread Head Boiz. If you haven’t gotten a copy of “Mix Tape Assassins V2” what are you waiting on. Google them today and get the flavor that makes you get your own crook in your neck…I did…Now where’s my tea!

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT

Mix Tape Assassins V2 (Just Click on a Song and Listen)
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