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African American Cartoonist Is Making New Waves


Cartoonist Ron Bryant of is stepping into a new arena not far fetched from his normal, just a bit more tedious. He has decided to take a walk deeper into animation, and if you know how his display of color and imagery stands out in his cartoons, you can trust that he’s going to bring all of that over in to that new world of art.

Having over 25 years of cartooning experience Ron Bryant’s works can be found as editorials on Black America Web, in Upscale,& Emerge magazines, and over 75 syndicated newspapers including The Atlanta Constitution . This shows that he is not new to this, he’s just fearless enough to improve and try his hand at greater projects to expand his brand.


This new endeavor started as a mere idea almost 3 years ago after he drew a political cartoon concerning the second inauguration of our best and greatest President Of The United States, Barack Obama (ok yes, I get a little excited when I see, say, or write about my President… I digress). The editorial depicted a conversation with an elderly woman explaining to a young man what the significance of a second term meant and as the young man dully responded he was hit *kapow* right out of his socks! (Hehehe that’s something we all wish we could do to some of these uninspired youth, ask Katt Williams!) There we find the birth of GG, the quick witted, very protective granny/guardian of Lenita, Shanice, Randy, and Marcella. GG is a fun loving, and charismatic but don’t you cross her or the beloved children she protects! I’ve been told that GG is not just any woman, but a combination of many strong women in Ron’s life including his own grandmother.

the girls

One of the most recent additions to GG’s cartoon series is Queen Nyesha, mother of Randy and Lenita, but you can find out more by becoming a GG VIP. When you become a GG VIP  through his website,  you’ll be kept abreast of everything in the world of GG including special cartoons the public doesn’t get to see.


Ron Bryant’s facebook page can be found here Follow him also on periscope @GGISMYNAME and on twitter with the same handle, you will be mesmerized by the process it takes for each story board and new animation. Ron shows step by step how he creates while sitting behind a huge work desk usually while partaking in a nice soothing glass of wine.







The Algiers Diamond
The Algiers Diamond
The Algiers Diamond is a New Orleans native having the time of her life in Washington D.C. where she is a dynamic actress, host, model, and musical artist. Her creativity and very opinionated attitude is rightfully true to her upbringing in Algiers, an area located in the 15th ward of New Orleans West Bank. You can expect her ideas on matters to be chalk full of comedy and thought provoking while simultaneously grasping your inner most thoughts that you couldn't articulate for yourself. You can follow The Diamond @nyeshakelishe on twitter and @ActressNyeWilson on IG


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