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Ringplus Mad Halloween Free Plan

Mad Halloween Free Plan Open Flash Promo: Monday October 31, 2016 @ 2pm Pacific until Tuesday November 1, 2016, 2pm Pacific. 

Mad Halloween Free Plan
Open Flash Promo:

Monday October 31, 2016 @ 2pm Pacific until Tuesday November 1, 2016, 2pm Pacific.

– For New Members and current Members, New Activations and Plan Changes (equal to the amount of new member subscriptions).

– Free Porting

– It’s a Halloween game . . . have fun!

Mad Halloween Free Plan


2,000 Talk – 2,000 Text -2,000 MMS – 2,000 + more read below MB LTE Full Speed (tethering available for $3/week)

+Plus additional MB allotments:

We will increase the Full-Speed MB allotments by 1 MB with every thumbs-up on our website and on websites that we monitor. We will also increase the Full-Speed MB allotment by 4 MB for every picture tweeted to @ringplusmobile in your Halloween costume holding a sign up that reads “I love RingPlus!” Don’t forget to provide links to the forums in the thread below. To avoid entries from robots or other invalid entries, RingPlus will determine in its sole discretion if an entry is valid. For transparency, we will post all valid forums below in this post as soon we get your notification.

Calculation: For example, 50 Thumbs Up on forums that we monitor + 300 picture tweets would bring the allotment to 2,000 Talk, 2,000 Text, and 3,250 MB LTE full speed (2,000 base allotments + (50 Thumbs Up) + (300 Halloween costume pictures with sign I love RingPlus * 4) = 1250).

The maximum allotment will be the current allotment from the BLT Free Plan (which can easily be reached).

Regardless of the outcome,

In December, with the availability of the VoIP and Smart dialer, the Halloween Plan becomes unlimited Talk & Text if you utilize one of the dialers. If you decide not to use the VoIP or smart dialer, your Plan will be downgraded to 1,000 Talk, 1,000 Text, and 1,000 MB plans (tethering also available for $3/week).

– Price: Free, $0/Month

– Activation fee: $15 (billed directly to your credit card). For Member+, the activation fee is $5 (drawn from your Top Up balance).*

– $20 initial Top Up balance occurs only if you have less than zero balance to cover overages.*

– Overages 10 cents per Minute, Text and MMS, MB or buy a one of our Add Ons for cheaper overages.*

A RingPlus Smart Dialer or VoIP dialer will have to be installed when it becomes available. (If you have a feature phone, its time to upgrade. We will have loaner phones available with pre-installed dialers right before the holidays). If you are an existing Member and you wish to switch back from this plan to your current plan, you will be able to do so. The switching period will be available to your after testing the new Dialer System for two weeks after the dialers become available.

Please see detail below:

The Smart Dialer will launch shortly for Android phones. It is different than the VoIP dialers used by other free services.

The Smart Dialer will utilize the standard voice channels offered by a cell phone network, not Voice over Internet Protocol. Therefore, offering superior call quality, and circumventing inherent problems that still exist in VoIP technology that current users experience when traveling. The Smart Dialer will enable all RingPlus apps as well as Ringback tone radio stations from the handset.

RingPlus will also offer a VoIP dialer that will directly connect to our switches, circumventing lengthy routing passes responsible for call delays. We will use the latest VoIP technology for our VoIP dialer.

RingPlus Members on Android will be able to install both apps. RingPlus Members with iPhones may be required to install the VoIP dialer.

Source: Mad Halloween Free Plan

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