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From Flip Mode To Stealth Mode



I remember when hip-hop was real and lyricist were lyrical not a bunch of incoherent words sounding like a rant under your breath like when you wanted to talk back to your mom but knew better… Gibberish is going away with a charge of resuscitating electricity of a defibrillator, Baby Sham is bringing something back to the game with content and style and even today’s flavor.

As I sat with Baby Sham, previously of Flip Mode Squad he talked of his affiliation with the Squad and how calculated his new album is because of a spectrum of tarnished attempts with the ring leader himself Busta Rhymes. He’s pulled together a team of producers, writers, and music industry leaders who aren’t afraid to step up to the plate and pitch something, new, fresh, and invigorating to the ears of old hip-hop heads and new. Having removed the word “CAN’T” from his vocabulary he’s  barrelling forward motivated on fuel from what seems to be a hot feud between he and Rhymes, Baby Sham is coming to put some respect on his name and his skills. (I’m guessing he’s going to receive a phone call i 5..4…3…) This new album is straight lyric and I surely believe Sham is putting his hands where some eyes can see and showing those who failed him what type of party this really is.

To the doubters...
To the doubters…

Baby Sham is coming to dominate with no holds barred, even showing his ability to sing on his new album. There is something for everyone, ladies and gents. For the younger generation who don’t know who Flipmode is and aren’t a part of the standing fan base, Sham said he’s bringing them in with the sound they’ll enjoy moving to while still holding true to the lyrical value of rap from the 90’s. Then for the stans of the 90’s rap he’s got content, flow, analogies galore, and don’t forget sexy.

Sham currently has youth on his side, I was surprised to hear how young he actually is, being that he was a part of Flipmode since the age of 17. He’s riding the waves of the current flawlessly as he transitions into stealth mode (single, under the radar, and quiet) which can be detrimental to the health of some of these novices careers. They don’t see him coming but will surely feel the thump of the bass in “Supplier” and the rhythms of “She Knows”. (I know) Actually I wasn’t sure if I would feel any of those tracks but quickly I found my self bobbing my head, gyrating my hips and feeling like I used to when I would drive down 95 south for long weekends before marriage and kids. The heat coming from this album is exactly what happens when those who you thought were rock steady let you down and motivate your purpose and creativity even more. Say it with me, MOTIVATION! Single drops October 6, 2016

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The Algiers Diamond
The Algiers Diamond
The Algiers Diamond is a New Orleans native having the time of her life in Washington D.C. where she is a dynamic actress, host, model, and musical artist. Her creativity and very opinionated attitude is rightfully true to her upbringing in Algiers, an area located in the 15th ward of New Orleans West Bank. You can expect her ideas on matters to be chalk full of comedy and thought provoking while simultaneously grasping your inner most thoughts that you couldn't articulate for yourself. You can follow The Diamond @nyeshakelishe on twitter and @ActressNyeWilson on IG


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