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You saw it, we all did…and we all laughed and we all shared it. I’m referring to @LaffMobbs “Trust Issues” viral video depicting the hilarious stand-up routine of Kevin Tate. What you didn’t know was who Kevin Tate actually is…To describe him in three words I’d say Quiet, Rambunctious, and Spiritual (how sway…quiet and rambunctious are antonyms) touche! Those are descriptions for different times of the day. You’ll only get the highly energetic KT as he’s making you laugh out of your seat in one of the venues you’ve paid to see him kill the stage. I would know, I spit out a very pricey drink on myself and girlfriend as we watched him perform out in Baltimore’s Comedy Factory a few months back (note to self, don’t attempt to eat or drink while KT is on stage) 

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, 12th street was the neighborhood, KT wasn’t the average class clown turned stage comic. Apparently things happened quite differently for this guy. The story goes like this (he gets all the side-eye for this one) he’s walking through the mall and was approached by a guy asking if he ever thought about modeling (I let out a real giggle as he explained this story, I digress) when he responds that he hadn’t, the guy hands him a card and told him to go to the model audition. KT said he thought about it for a while and he decided to go and was picked. As per the job, it was a stage production where the models had no lines  just their presence was needed to fulfill the job. Kevin being as inquisitive as he is, decided to hang out next to the stage daily and watch rehearsal and by doing that he caught the eye of the director and was asked to take an actual role. Lights, camera, action and he fell in love with stage, packed everything he had and traveled to Los Angeles with a mere $1,900. I’m sure that trip was eventful because in the midst of it all he lost that money and ended up in LA with only $80 and lots of fearlessness. Spiritual Tate enters the story right about here.

Eighty dollars in a new city… Kevin had to think quick and that he did, he got a job at the House of Blues as he pursued his new life in the city of angels. Angels definitely watched over him as his money stretched and an infamous “sneak” into the 50th Grammy Awards show… If you’re ever in his presence, ask him about that, trust me its hilarious. A swift glide of hand and an older lady  caught slipping while a hot $20 was given to an usher and he was in… (he tells it better than I can write it)

As we talked it up I asked him what made him think that he could make it out in LA with the big boys of comedy and his reply was that he believed in himself. God had carried him through and he always felt like He was holding him up at all times and keeping him safe. Kevin also said that NO is never an answer for him, he’s strong-willed and if you catch him on stage you’d know exactly why. Kevin is currently headlining his own tour, “I COULD’VE STAYED SINGLE” around the country, so be sure to buy a ticket or two and catch him in a city near you. That tour is just another testament to how far God has carried him and will continue to carry him.

Algiers Diamond (AD): Whats the biggest stage you’ve rocked Kev?

KT: San Manuel Casino for the Shaq Allstars of comedy event about 3k people in attendance.

AD: Which venues are your dream?

KT: Each stage I step on is important, I give it everything… arenas are the next level and I see myself there soon.

AD: So where can we catch your show?

KT: Along with being booked on with three heavy hitters Mike Epps, Bill Bellamy, and Red Grant you can also catch me headlining the “I COULD’VE STAYED SINGLE” tour!

AD: When I saw you, you were with Red Grant… what’s that relationship like? What have you learned from him?

KT: Red, man Red he gave great insight on the comedy game.

AD: Do you do anything special before a performance that sets you up to go on?

KT: I pray and I say these words, “God with you I can do anything, and without you I can do nothing.”

AD: How can the people follow you and book you in their cities?

KT: Instagram and Twitter @KEVINTATEIS or email nice529@gmail.com They can also follow my FACEBOOK fan page https://www.facebook.com/Kevin-Tate-145077197757/    






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