Remembering Lisa Rene The 16 year Kidnap From TX And Murder In Arkansas

Bruce Webster and another man on the federal death row here, Orlando C. Hall of El Dorado, Ark., were among five men whom prosecutors said kidnapped Lisa Rene from her Arlington, Texas, home to get revenge on her two brothers for a botched $5,000 marijuana deal. Over two days, she was taken to Arkansas, gang-raped, bludgeoned with a shovel and buried alive.

Rene, a native of the Virgin Islands who was living with relatives at the time of the abduction, was dragged from the family’s apartment as she pleaded with a 911 operator. “They’re trying to break down my door! Hurry up!” she said, according to a tape of the call.

A muffled scream is heard seconds later, with a man saying, “Who you on the phone with?” before the line goes dead.

Rene’s body was found in a shallow grave at a nature reserve in Pine Bluff on Oct. 2, 1994.

Webster was sentenced to death by U.S. District Court Judge Terry R. Means of the Northern District of Texas on Sept. 24, 1996, on a jury’s recommendation.

Webster would become the first prisoner put to death by the federal government since the March 18, 2003, execution of Louis Jones Jr., a Gulf War veteran who had raped and killed a female soldier, and the fourth since it resumed executions in 2001 after a 38-year suspension. The others were Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and drug kingpin Juan Garza.

Orlando Hall - received federal death penalty

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16 Responses to Remembering Lisa Rene The 16 year Kidnap From TX And Murder In Arkansas

  1. Marcene Grogan says:

    My heart goes out to Lisa Rene . I saw the story on investigative discovery . I looked it up and never have I heard of something so horrific . I cried for her . These things that did this to her ….. Well, I personally feel the death penalty is way too good for them . Wish there was a different form of death just for them .

  2. I just watched FBI Criminal Pursuit on ID regarding precious Lisa’s story and death. Yes, I agree that her brothers are responsible for her death but the detectives said the brothers took off from the scene after their initial interview. I just think that the investigators should have put a tail on them just in case they were hiding something then they would have found her right away. I just don’t feel the department used all of their resources. So sad!

  3. Jordan Colon says:

    The gov’t doesnt do what they can, they can do way more than they do, they put little things to the side and worry only about biggest things, when i become president, this will cahnge, for sure

  4. Jordan Colon says:


  5. Jon Banks says:

    June 7, 2014 at 10pm
    Just watched on FBI Case Files here in Scotland UK. the programme about the killing of Lisa Rene. I was shocked. Here will have some bad people but not as BAD as the US.
    I pray for all. I sent good wishes to ALL in US.

  6. Mena says:

    Its so sad I just seen the story this morning on crime investergation and could not believe what I was seening ! These people are the hell sick ! How dum they was !First of all I would not be oilling no one !Two the one it was over live and the other dummys got death how dum can you be and didnot get the money back ! They all should have got death ! My heart go out to her mother and the brothers should hwve got death right alone with the rest of 5he, .They are no better either !

  7. mickey rose says:

    mena..learn to spell

  8. TK says:

    Does anyone know if Orlando has been executed yet?

  9. Lyn B says:

    Execute the sob already!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I promise you, Obama will make sure no one on federal death row is executed during his tenure. Pretty sure he’ll show clemency to these 2 dirtbags on his way out of office.

  11. Joe Em says:

    Awful story. Shame some people here used it to score nonsensical political points. Appalling!

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