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(NEW HEAT) Legends of the Season – “Gumbo”

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Louisiana is home to quite a few mold breaking entertainment acts, including its own Legends of the Season.

Check out their newest creation, “Gumbo”. Watch/Comment/Shareand following on Twitter – @legends_season

Dubb Beats does it again – ‘Adjustment Bureau’ (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Thursday, April 4th, 2013
It’s not a secret that Dubb Beats is one of our favorite producers/entertainment personalities. Not only is the man himself a prolific producer, but he had a hand in the extremely popular, “Sh*t New Orleans Girls Say” videos. If you haven’t seen those, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Now he’s somehow met with the one of kind emcee, MikeFlo, and they’ve forged a duo that won’t soon be forgotten.
Here’s the verbiage from the official press release – interesting read, but may we suggest you go ahead on and start the downloads below, as you peruse the release. You won’t be disappointed:
Circa 2010, in New Orleans after a dead prez show, mikeflo (solo emcee & Official Tour DJ) finds himself simmering in what flo regards as “a good ol bangin gumbo of a beat battle”. Amongst the many talents in the room, mikeflo connects with producer/engineer Steve “504Dubb” Wade. The two eventually share files and and build landscapes. “Adjustment Bureau”, the EP was born. After touring and working on other projects over the years, the duo finally decided to share their fruits (or beignets in N.O.L.A) with the world in the form of a five song EP. The project is an obvious take on the 2011 movie namesake. In the film, the “Bureau” has the power to “Adjust” certain agendas and outcomes. With balance in Hip Hop taking on top priority of the duo’s list of needed “adjustments”, the two look to provide a powerful example of self determination personified within a rich, yet stripped down, soul-sonic rue. As flo would say, “Somebody gotta do it…” In short, they did it. The first single, “365” wove an intricate tale of the gladiator and champion in us all, and the follow up, “Pop Off” (also included in release) forewarns the weak of the explosive package the duo possesses. “Adjustment Bureau” the EP, features mikeflo pushing the pen and 504Dubb behind the boards. Simply put, #BANG. Again, in this release you are receiving cover art, two singles from “Adjustment Bureau” the EP (365 & Pop Off) and the entire EP download link. “Adjustment Bureau” the EP, will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD at, and is encouraged to be shared via other music streams, social media outlets, blogs, and any place quality Hip Hop lives.

Adjustment Bureau (mikeflo + 504Dubb) – 365 feat. Born On The Horn & Theresa Tha Songbird 

Adjustment Bureau (mikeflo + 504Dubb) – Pop Off

Adjustment Bureau, the EP (mikeflo + 504Dubb)
Adjustment Bureau, the EP (mikeflo + 504Dubb)


manager – Caro Marshall
(ph) +44 7970 57 00 94 / +1 404.396.5265
(tw) @CaroMarshall_ / @mikefloRBG


Studio Bookings – Inner Recess (504) 298.8864 / (504) 210.7720
Studio & Beat Inquiries –
(tw) @504Dubb


Saturday, October 6th, 2012

This month’s MashOut features some epic young artists.

MashOut is a mix of bands, artists, genres, styles, and techniques. The monthly event is mixed up like a pot of gumbo to make one great show.
The show is meant to have an eclectic vibe and with the mashup style DJ RQ Away on the wheels you are sure to hear an array of wide ranging sounds.

The event also has one of the best hosts in jusCookie. Cookie is a talented, multi-faceted entertainer who is chock full of personality.
OnPoint Productions presents MashOUT: Halloween Edition hosted by jusCookie and OnPoint El w/ DJ RQAway
Live performances include:

  • Jay Jones
  • Sundog
  • Cloud Stryfe
  • Suave
  • Syllabel Seven
  • Raw Revolution

Adv tickets: $8-$10 –

Artists’ Info:

Jay Jones:, &
Syllable Seven:
Raw Revolution (LIVE):
Cloud Stryfe:
FB event:

MashOut is sponsored by OnPoint Productions, MightyMuzik, and #AwayTeam

If you’d like to be a sponsor or become a vendor for this event email