Women Are Now Dyeing Their Armpit Hair


Some women, you may have noticed, are growing out their armpit hair — and then dyeing it.

The origins of the dyed-pits trend can be traced to a Seattle hairdresser named Roxie Hunt. A few months ago, Hunt was looking for a playful way to accentuate her co-worker’s head of blue hair. She offered to dye the woman’s armpit hair the same color.

The co-worker, Hunt has joked, “agreed, heartily. (OR should I say pitily.)”

“It was just sort of an experiment,” Hunt told The Post. “We took photos to document the process and they turned out so good that we posted them online and people loved them.”

A how-to blog post followed (“I began by mixing bleach and 30 volume developer … “) and was shared more than 35,000 times.

Then came shared photos featuring other women with colorful pits.

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